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Gender’s Role in `Things Fall Apart` by Chinua Achebe


Things Fall Apart

Words: 1087 (5 pages)

Gender’s Role in `Things Fall Apart` by Chinua Achebe      The story of ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe takes place in the 1890s in the minor Nigerian villages. Though on the surface, it comes into view, the novel narrows its’ center of attention to a single character, Okonkno and his inner battles, one can…

Christian Religion In Nigeria



Words: 1020 (5 pages)

Several faiths coexist in Nigeria, assisting to stress regional and cultural differentiations ( Kane 86 ) . Religion is frequently times the beginning of imposts, civilization, felicity and wars: it influences about every aspect of our life. In Nigeria, the chief faiths are Christianity, pagan religion, and Islam. Christianity began to distribute in the nineteenth…

Political Unrest in the Middle East



Words: 760 (4 pages)

There has been a lot of political unrest in the past few weeks. Algeria in 1992 and now Tunisia, followed by Egypt and now countries in the Middle East are feeling the effect. Yemen and Bahrain are also experiencing political demonstrations. The protests now include Libya another North African country. All of these countries previously…

Difficulties of an Australian and Nigerian Firm Market



Words: 4115 (17 pages)

Discuss the issues and difficulties for an Australian firm undertaking market research in Nigeria. How would you decide whether to use an Australian based or local research firm?   Introduction With the onset of the ever dynamic world, international trade could never have been more different. Growing opportunities give rise to increased challenges. The world…

An Assessment of Nigeria as Potential Market for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc



Words: 3511 (15 pages)

1. 0Introduction This report aims to examine Nigeria, a country Wal-Mart stores, Inc. is looking to invest, in order to identify opportunities and threats in the proposed market and to ascertain whether or not to proceed with investment plans. This report contains an analysis of Wal-Mart stores and its identified strengths and weaknesses, as well…

Colonialism of Nigeria by British Empire



Words: 336 (2 pages)

Britain utilized three strategies in order gain their rise to power in the colonization in Nigeria. Colonialism, “is the act of moving a significant number of citizens from a home nation into a new conquered territory”. As aforementioned they successfully did so by three means, one is by coordinating treaties. Seizing power and gaining control,…

Comparative Politics Assignment



Words: 1119 (5 pages)

Examine the growth of civil society and its impact on demonstration in Nigeria Civil Society refers to non-state organizations that chiefly seek to advance the interest of the people. It is generally understood in Hegelian terms as the distinct sphere of public space, separate from the state which manages the social relations and communication between…

Cultural Relativity: the Root Cause of Conflict in Nigeria

Cultural relativism



Words: 1423 (6 pages)

CULTURAL RELATIVITY: THE ROOT OF CAUSE CONFLICT IN NIGERIA Nigeria is a multicultural nation with over 250 ethnic groups. Human beings are product of culture. Culture has made people what they are. Culture is the totality of experience of people in a given environment. Culture is complex whole of the people- this complex whole includes…




Words: 946 (4 pages)

The demand for comparable fiscal statements has ne’er been greater. The Nigerian economic system though structurally fluid is fundamentally crude oils based with Nigeria being considered the 6th largest oil manufacturer in the universe. This globalisation has encouraged foreign investors to analyze the accounting environment in Nigeria with particular accent on the method and sort…

Pluralism, Citizenship and Ethnic Crisis in Nigeria



Words: 9473 (38 pages)

PLURALISM, CITIZENSHIP AND ETHNIC CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE BENUE VALLEY NIGERIA:TOWARDS A CIVILIZATION OF PEACE AND TOLERANCE. By Department of Rel. and Philosophy Benue State University, Makurdi. Nigeria. [email protected] com ABSTRACT One of the most complex features of the Nigerian nation is its ethnic composition. Like very other African nation Nigeria labour under triple cultural…

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