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Al-Jazeera News Correspondent in Palestine

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    Palestine had suffered from a lot of Israeli attacks since 1948, which is the day of the Nakba that was a bloodshed to the Palestinians, thousands of Palestinians died, including men, women, and children. Until these days Israel is destroying Palestinians physically by murdering, kidnapping ,and detention. Also emotionally by for example checkpoints. The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is endless. Israel is still unsatisfied until they achieve their goal, which is that there is no single Palestinian lives on the land of Palestine, but of coarse Palestinians are not going to leave even with all these techniques Israelis use, because Palestine is their homeland, and the land of their grandparents.

    In 2002 was the second invasion of Israel (eshteyah) to the west bank, where they invaded Ramallah. Israeli tanks and vehicles entered the city of Ramallah and marched towards the center presidency of leader Yasser Arafat. In 2002 there was no transportations, people couldn’t move out of their houses or they will be killed, situations were so difficult. My mom keeps telling me the story when she was giving birth to me in march 14,2002 there was no transportations only for emergency, so the ambulance arrived after 2 hours. So we moved to Jerusalem until everything was back to normal, almost after 8 months.

    Israeli army also prevented ambulances and doctors from reaching the west bank to save injured people whose bodies were in the streets. Many injured people have not reached the hospital. Al-Jazeera news correspondent in Palestine said : “the situation in Ramallah is tragic, as the besieged citizens didn’t find any medical services”. The soldiers also occupied the buildings of Ramallah Municipality, which led to the delay of all municipal services such as garbage collection, which further deterioration of health conditions. Also schools, markets, hospitals were closed. People of coarse didn’t go to work .

    After repeated invasions over the past years, Sharon took over the Israeli government, the Zionist occupation forces invaded the entire Palestinian Authority territory in the West Bank, in addition to besieging the Palestinian President inside two rooms of his official presidency, It has been surrounded by a circle of tanks and military vehicles since 29 March, as well as the terrible massacres committed in Jenin, Nablus and other cities and areas in the West Bank and the ongoing siege of the Church of the Nativity in the city of Bethlehem.

    In March 29, 2002: Ariel Sharon declared an open and ongoing war against the Palestinian people, including targeting Palestinian Authority from president Yasser Arafat in his office and possibly assassinating him, and a group of his bodyguards attacking an Israeli terrorist tank. “Seven people were killed and more than 40 were injured and arrested” al jazeera news. In March 30, 2002: Israel increased its siege on Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and isolated him and his two companions in two rooms in Ramallah after cutting off water, electricity, food and communications. People used to gather to study in mosques. Palestinians morals were clear and showed, every Palestinian opened his house door for people who were homeless. Some people dead bodies were left in the streets.

    The Israeli occupation army executed five Palestinian policemen and arrested more than 200 people in Ramallah. They stopped some radios and television stations. They also occupied Beit Jala and the incursion into Hebron in the West Bank as well as Rafah and Beit Lahia in Gaza. While the number of Palestinian martyrs on the second day of the invasion increased 13 martyrs who were shot by the occupation. 31 March 2002: The Palestinian resistance carried out a martyrdom operation carried out by Al-Aqsa Martyrs in Haifa, killing 16 Israelis and injuring 24.

    All of this is just part of the occupation brutality. They don’t differentiate between old and young. They call themselves the state of democracy, but actually they don’t know anything about democracy or humanity. It’s really hard for Palestinians to survive in all of this, but every Palestinian still has this hope inside him. This hope will always stay in every Palestinian heart until the day of return, god’s justice will be achieved one day.

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    Al-Jazeera News Correspondent in Palestine. (2021, Apr 16). Retrieved from

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