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Causes Of Traffic Congestion In Cairo Egypt Tourism



Words: 2294 (10 pages)

Even though, Cairo is considered as a largest metropolis in Africa, it besides expected that the traffic will be major issue to cover with. There are at least 18 million people live in Cairo in add-on of 3500 neonates added to this figure each twenty-four hours. Logically it ‘s non all 18 million people have…

The one of the great Egypt pharaoh


Words: 670 (3 pages)

Anthony is portrayed as a man who has lost his way and in doing o, has sunk to the lowest levels of society . The one thing they both agree on, is that Cleopatra had a very negative effect on Anthony and is responsible for his decline. To answer the above question we need to…

Ptah is the Godhead and God of Memphis


Words: 5314 (22 pages)

Traditionally. Ptah is the Godhead and God of Memphis. the capital of c. Historically. the fabulous figure is much more. ***One of the most of import Gods of ancient Egypt was Ptah of Memphis. a Godhead God and a manager of human fates. Mrs. Holmberg’s survey is basically a mention book based on ancient textual…

Similarities/Differences of Mesopotamia and Egypt



Words: 1069 (5 pages)

Mesopotamia and Egypt have many similarities and differences in many aspects. Though regionally close, Egypt and Mesopotamia had many differences, such as social structure and government structure. While both civilizations differed as in social structure of their society and government structure; they also had similar aspects as in cultural development. Comparing the two, they both…

Egypt Is Not the Only Solution


Words: 304 (2 pages)

Egypt Is Not The Only Solution Ali Kahalah American University in CairoContact: [email protected] Egypt Is Not The Only Solution Throughout history, immigration has continued to take place in various countries and due to different socio-economic, identity as well as personal purposes. It is of great significance to identify that immigration greatly affects both the origin…

Nefertiti: Queen of Egypt


Words: 1163 (5 pages)

Today, Nefertiti is one of the most well known queens of Egypt, famed throughout the ancient world for her beauty. There is little known about the background of Nefertiti but many believe that she was not of royal bloodline. Her father was believed to be a high official of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten. It is…

The sculptures of Ancient Egypt and Sumer



Words: 1907 (8 pages)

When studying art, it is important to understand the culture and the people who created it because in no other cultural form is the culture and beliefs of the creators so apparent as in art and sculpture. Sculpture has always been an important part of a culture’s religious beliefs, a representation of the deities who…

Ancient Near East: Egypt


Words: 771 (4 pages)

After just glancing at the artwork in the chapter about the Ancient Near East and the chapter about Egypt, the one thing that strikes me the most is great size of some of these structures and the great detail that is shown in them. It is amazing to see that people that lived thousands and…

Egyptian Pyramids and Their Religious Aspect


Words: 562 (3 pages)

Pyramids from ancient Egyptian times were massive monuments made for kinds to be buried in and remembered by. The king would usually start construction of their pyramid as soon as they took the throne. The king would first create a committee with an architect, chief engineer as well as an overseer of construction. Paid laborers…

Egyption Religion



Words: 651 (3 pages)

Ancient Egyptian Religion Religion guided every aspect of Egyptian life. Egyptian religion was based onpolytheism, or the worship of many deities, except for during the reign of Akenaton. TheEgyptians had as many as 2000 gods and goddesses. Some, such as Amun, wereworshipped throughout the whole country, while others had only a local following. Oftengods and…

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