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Essays about Palestine

Palestinian culture and Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Dima is an 18 year old Palestinian individual who has faced a lot of different situations that has helped her become who she is today. Her father and mother were both born in Palestine, they came to the United States in 2006 because her father thought they would have a better opportunity here. When her …

The Beginnings of the Current Israel-Palestine Strife

The Incomparable War on the Western Front was a static war. So as to end the war quicker The British expected to open another front to attempt and secure troops of Germany or one of its partners. A significant number of these endeavors to open up another front were made in the Close and Center …

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Al-Jazeera News Correspondent in Palestine

Palestine had suffered from a lot of Israeli attacks since 1948, which is the day of the Nakba that was a bloodshed to the Palestinians, thousands of Palestinians died, including men, women, and children. Until these days Israel is destroying Palestinians physically by murdering, kidnapping ,and detention. Also emotionally by for example checkpoints. The conflict …

What Are the Main Obstacles to a ‘Two-State Solution’ to the Israel-Palestine Conflict?

What are the main obstacles to a ‘two-state solution’ to the Israel-Palestine conflict? On December 1st 2003, a group of Palestinian and Israeli experts presented a plan which could serve as a blueprint for a ‘two-state solution’ to the Israel-Palestine conflict. (Golan, 2008) It was presented in Geneva and is therefore often referred to as …

Israel – Palestine conflict

                                           Israel – Palestine conflict Introduction:           The conflict between Israel and Palestinians goes back to ancient period, i.e when the ancient Israelites lived in and around Palestine and fought many wars with their neighbors. Territorial disputes over which religion should have control over the holy lands have been ongoing for about two thousand years …

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