Albert Einstein And His Papers

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Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879 in Germany. His family owned a small business that manufactured electric machinery. The business failed and they left Germany. Albert was fifteen years old and he dropped out of school.

When Albert was five when he received his first compass and he began to investigate the world. Little did he know that that compass would make him famous. By the age of ten he becomes so fascinated by the world of science he self-educates himself to learn as much as possible.

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Albert then went to a secondary school in Switzerland. Albert felt that the academics and education were not satisfying enough so he started cutting his classes and used all his free time to learn about physics. He had learned so much that his career had already taken off without him even realizing it yet.

He became a substitute teacher and an actor until 1902 when he secured a position as an examiner in a Swiss patent office. Not long after he married Mileva Maric and had two sons.

1905 was the biggest year for Einstein. It is called his “Miracle Year”. He published a paper on the Brownian Motion and the seminal papers on his theory of relativity. He received his doctrine from the University of Zurich for a theoretical dissertation of molecules. He published three very important papers to twentieth century physics.

The first paper on Brownian motion made significant predictions on the motion of particles that are randomly distributed in a fluid, which were later proved by an experiment

The second paper on Photoelectric effect presented a hypothesis on the nature of light. He proposed that under certain circumstances light could be considered a particles. He also hypothesized that the energy carried by a photon is depositional to the frequency of radiation. The formula E= HU proves this. Virtually no one accepted this theory but thought differently when Robert Andrews Millikan proved it.

The third paper was on electrodynamics of moving bodies. It became known as the theory of relativity. It explains how matter and radiation interact with one another.

With these well thought out papers Albert Einstein had solved the unanswered problems of the world. He wanted to learn more and began to try and answer the questions of the universe.

In 1939 Einstein connected with other scientists and wrote a letter to the president, Franklin D. Roosevelt pointing out the possibility of making an atomic bomb. Albert signed the letter and the sent it off. That is when the first atomic bomb was ever made.

Albert Einstein died 1n 1955 but during his lifetime he filled so many blanks about our universe.

Albert Einstein had a huge positive impact on history. He changed the confused minds of people and answered their questions. He dedicated his life to science and because of him our world has started to come together. Without him scientists would still be trying to figure out the speed of light, relativity, elements mass…. Etc. He educated the world and encouraged more people to learn about the natures of earth.

The biggest thing Albert Einstein did was he discovered the connection between energy and mass through the famous equation of E= MC2. Einstein’s famous speech about this equation states that mass and energy are both different manifestations of the same thing.

This equation helped the world today and will continue to do so. Einstein was a great scientist with a brilliant mind. Everyone uses the knowledge that Einstein created even if we don’t realize it. We know the speed of light, which helps us, because we can have more of it and it follows along with the speed of sound and relativity. Einstein has done many good things and has helped our world tremendously. If he did not dedicate his life to science then all our minds would be overflowing with the unanswered questions of the world.

Also because of him our technology has improved. We have telephones and computers and televisions and all the electronic devices that are here because of Albert Einstein’s theories. It was partly because of him that the atomic bomb was made and that has helped us with the wars. It has made us come to realize that someone’s theory can be more powerful than thousands of people.


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