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The Perseverance of Albert Einstein

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The Perseverance of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, you know who he is? Well you probably do, or you don’t. Ever heard of this E = mc2 . This is probably the most well-known scientific equation discovered by the probably most well-known scientist Albert Einstein. But he wasn’t always that successful he had many struggles and many victories. Even once at school his headmaster told his parents he would never amount to anything. Albert Einstein exemplified perseverance by overcoming a rough childhood, earning a Doctorate Degree, developing the general theory of relativity, and being awarded a Nobel Prize in 1921.

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The Perseverance of Albert Einstein
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Born March, 14, 1879, Ulm Wurttemberg, Germany, Albert Einstein had a rough childhood. Also he was a slow learner, even his parents thought he was mildly dullard, which is ironic because Albert had a head start! The typical gestation period for a human being is 40 weeks. Einstein spend several weeks longer in his mother womb. His brain had more time to develop and as a result he went on becoming one the greatest mind’s this world has ever seen.

Albert Einstein went to Princeton, New Jersey, U.S there he went to many classes and became even more intelligent. At the peak of his Annus Mairabilis (Miracle Year) he earned his Doctorate Degree.

At the time he couldn’t even hold a job because of his Doctorate Degree. In 1905 he made the ground work for the “Atomic Age” by creating the formula E = mc2. Albert earned his first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. To get there he had to work so much he went on and on until he finally got it. It took him several long years to accomplish this major achievement. After this he really blew up as a scientist! That wasn’t the only award he got,he even was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1926. So now you can see even though one may go through challenges and face adversity one needs the perseverance to never quit, and if one feels like they can’t do it no more just follow the philosophy of Soren Kierkegaard. He sates to have leaps of faith. One has the power to create there own meaning in life and if one finds something of value cherish it for the rest of your life. If one faces adversity use your perseverance these facts on Albert Einstein life and even use this philosophy to your own advantage because we all know it is easier to quit than it is to persevere. One has to learn how to believe in yourself and rise above the occasion because if you don’t just think where would you be in life?

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