American Values. Individual Freedom and Self-Reliance Essay

Merchandising Freedom and Self-Reliance One of the values that are very traditional and at the same important is the Individual Freedom and Self-Reliance. It is known that the first settlers came to North America to establish some colonies which were free from the control of European societies. There are more values that are very important to know about it. But, for me, Individual Freedom and Self-Reliance is the most important and relevant. First, in 1 776 the British colonial settlers declared their independence from England.

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American Values. Individual Freedom and Self-Reliance
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Then, they established a new nation that e know as United States of America. Therefore, they were from the kings (England). They also decided to separate the church and state because like that there would never be a government-supported church. Besides that, they forbade titles of nobility to ensure that an aristocratic society would not develop. Second, by limiting the power of the government and the churches and eliminating a formal aristocracy the settlers created a climate of freedom where the emphasis was on the individual.

Americans use the word freedom instead of individualism. Also, for Americans, freedom is one of the most respected and popular words nowadays. By freedom Americans mean the desire and the right of all individuals to control their own destiny. Nevertheless, there is a price to be paid for this individual freedom: Self- Reliance. For that reason, individuals must learn how to rely on themselves or take a risk of losing freedom. What this means is that, they have to achieve their goals by themselves. They must solve their own problems and become more independent.

Self Reliance continues as a traditional basic value and it s also difficult to understand the American character, but deep inside it is very important. Most Americans believe they have to be self reliance in order to keep their freedom. All in all, the Individual Freedom and Self-Reliance is one of the most important values in the United States. They took the word freedom to show everyone they can be independent from others. Most Americans easily can identify with this value because for them freedom is like a desire and right of each individual to be TABLE to control their own destiny.

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