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The role of bacteria in soil


Words: 888 (4 pages)

The role of bacteria in the soil Bacteria in the soil play key role in recycling matter in to useful nutrients which can be used by growing plants. This process of recycling matter in the soil by living organisms is called biogeochemical cycle. Bacteria are improving plants growth in other ways too, for example bacteria,…

The Effect of Antibacterial Toothpastes on Micrococcus Luteus


Words: 1920 (8 pages)

Introduction Preliminary work revealed that both toothpastes have an antibacterial effect on Micrococcus luteus. According to the preliminary study, the zone of inhibition of blend-a-med was slightly bigger than Colgate’s. Therefore the antibacterial effect of blend-a-med is greater than Colgate’s. Both toothpastes contain an antimicrobial ingredient Triclosan which kills many harmful bacteria. Triclosan ultimately results…

What Can We Do About Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria?


Words: 471 (2 pages)

Title: What Can We Do About Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria? Abstract This paper looks at the issue of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by focusing on the present data, ways on how this condition arises and finally proposing ways of how to overcome this problem. Introduction The discovery of antibiotics brought a new victory in fighting bacteria which were major…

Isolation And Characterization Of Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria Biology


Words: 3715 (15 pages)

The job being addressed in this survey is the resistant of antibiotic bacteriums are going more prevailing in our society because of abuse and will hold annihilating effects if nil is done to halt the overexploitation of antibiotics. This was studied in deepness by looking at two specific environments ; the oral cavity of a…

Insulin Production From Genetically Modified Bacteria Biology


Words: 1708 (7 pages)

In the 1970s people enduring from diabetes mellitus used insulin from cattle hogs, but this was expensive clip devouring. Furthermore insulin from other animate beings was non precisely every bit same as those in worlds, doing many side-effects. Besides many people were against the usage of carnal insulin for ethical or spiritual grounds. This job…

Similarities Between Mitochondria And Bacteria Biology


Words: 1343 (6 pages)

Bacterias are believed to be among the oldest cells on Earth, fossils indicate bacteria-like beings were about about 3.5 billion old ages ago. They are unicellular microorganisms that lack a membrane edge karyon and contain no cell organs. Many people consider them to be the cause of many diseases, which they are, but the human…

Bacteria and Viruses


Words: 1127 (5 pages)

Bacteria and Viruses Breann Johnson COM/155 03/17/2013 University of Phoenix Bacteria and Viruses Almost 56,000 people are hospitalized each year, and over 1,300 die because of food borne bacteria and virus microbes. Bacteria and viruses are tiny microscopic pathogens that can cause infectious disease, or even result in death. “Infectious diseases remain a major cause…

Indication the Presence of Coliform Bacteria Using Different Methods


Words: 2630 (11 pages)

SummaryThe coliform bacteria group have been identified as the Klebsiella, Escherichia coli, Citrobacter, Enterobacter, and Serratia. Of these, the most frequently viewed are the Klebsiella group (found in higher concentrations in hospital patients and is abundant in the environment) and the E. coli.  Procedures have been devised through which the detection of microorganisms that indicate…

Forms and Treatment of Anthrax Bacteria


Words: 718 (3 pages)

Anthrax Anthrax is one of the most dangerous acute infectious diseases, which can occur both in human and animal organisms. It is caused by the bacterium called Bacillus anthracis, a one-cell micro-organism which can form dormant (asleep) spores. Under certain conditions, such dormant spore can get alive and start reproducing itself very rapidly throughout the…

Microbiology Lab: How to Do a Gram’s Stain


Words: 347 (2 pages)

Introduction: The gram stain is one of several laboratory procedures that can be used to narrow down the identities of unknown bacteria. Bacteria have three different shapes; cocci, bacilli, and spirilla. Since bacteria pretty much have the same reflective index as water, a bacteria cell must be dyed so that these shapes can be seen….

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