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Maul: Technology, Strategy and Success

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The main motive of Maul is to maximize the return to the milk producers using the latest technology by providing value for money products to the consumers. Maul has been successful in terms of keeping balance between 3. 1 million milk producers and 1 . Billion consumers. And in full filling this motive one of the major factors was Mall’s visionary, the father of white revolution, Late Dry Verges Curette’s perception towards the technology. Areas back when Maul was having milk in surplus in the winters, indigenous research and development team and technology development at he Cooperative had led to the successful production of skimmed milk powder from buffalo milk – the first time on a commercial scale anywhere in the world.

And till then, Maul has never compromised in terms of the technology which they use. As a result today Maul is having worlds best technology equipped plants. It all starts with the registration of farmers.

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Maul: Technology, Strategy and Success
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They register and become the owner of the company by few hours of procedures which was more than two days years back.

The farmers deliver their milk to the local village co-operatives. At these cooperatives quality heck is done and farmers are paid as per the fat content in their milk. Insulated milk tankers deliver the milk from all these village cooperative societies to the country side. At dairy plant milk is passed through chillers, filtered in clarifier, pastured and stored in silos till it gets packaged or converted into various milk products.

After this, the products are distributed with the help of one of the most complex as well as an efficient supply chain in the world, across country more than shake retailers. The whole process is carried out ours a day, throughout the year. From the small lip printer to the state of the art Mother dairy plant in Changing the technological innovations have affected all the level of Maul structure, from milk producing to storing, manufacturing, branding and most important, the supply chain.

Further, Mall’s technology strategy is categorized by four distinct components: new products, process technology, and complementary assets to enhance milk production and e-commerce. Few dairies of the world have the large range of products produced by the Maul. Village societies are encouraged through subsidies to install chilling units with which the milk can last longer. Automation in processing and packaging areas are certified Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACK) certification.

Maul actively works on development of embryo transfer and cattle breeding in order to improve cattle quality and increases in milk yields. Maul was one of the first FMC (fast-moving consumer goods) firms in India to employ Internet technologies to implement ‘business to customer’ commerce. With the assured timely delivery with cash payment upon receipt, today customers can order a variety of products with the help of Internet. Another e-initiative in progress is to provide farmers access to information relating to markets, technology and best practices in the dairy industry through net enabled kiosks in the villages.

Maul has also implemented a Geographical Information System (GIS) at both ends of the supply chain, at milk collection as well as the marketing process. Now a days, farmers have better access to information on the output as well as support services while providing a better planning tool to marketing personnel. Maul technology By Mortals G http://stamina. Coop/about. HTML http://forebodingness. Bloodspot. Com/2011/01/maul-case-study. HTML http:// www. Reedier. Com/money/2005/seep/specs. HTML

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Maul: Technology, Strategy and Success. (2017, Jul 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/amul-technology-5782/

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