Sew What? Inc.: the Role of Information Technology in Small Business Success

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The case study focuses on the success of Sew What? Inc, a small business that provides custom theatrical draperies and fabrics, due to its efficient use of information technology. The company attributes its growth and success to its website launch and subsequent innovative improvements that allowed it to acquire clients from all over the world. The case highlights the importance of information technology for the survival, growth, and success of small businesses, as it enables them to compensate for business losses, acquire customer satisfaction and improve their overall performance. Sew What? Inc exemplifies how the proficient use of technology can lead to a significant increase in revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Sew What? Inc. : The Role of Information Technology in Small Business Success The case informs the reader of Sew What Inc. that provides custom theatrical draperies and fabrics for stages, concerts, fashion shows, and special events worldwide. It is an extraordinary story of how a small business that initiated from a kitchen gained worldwide popularity and success due to proficient use of information technology.

Sew What? Inc. ttributes its success primarily to information technology as they acquired clients from all over the world resulting in a gross revenue growth of more than 45% per year following their web site launch, careful maintenance and subsequent innovative improvements to their site. The company runs its business with Intuit’s Quick-Books Enterprise Solutions & Dell Power Edge servers and was awarded “Small Business Excellence Award” for its innovative use of technology to improve customers’ experience.

The case provides insight into the significant and indispensable role played by information technology for the survival, growth and success of all small businesses, be it large or small. Information Technology is imperative for the growth and success of any small business and Sew What Inc. is no exception. Sew What? Inc. thrives to overcome challenges and provide total customer satisfaction by efficient use of the powerful tool of technology.

Firstly, Megan Duckett, the founder of the company realized the opportunity to compensate for its business loss by launching a website, thereby initiating a prospect of worldwide clientele, credibility, popularity and the potential for unlimited growth. This can be easily validated by the company’s explosive growth with sales figure reaching $4 million per year by end of 2006 and a 45% business growth last year. Secondly, the company used information technology to acquire customer satisfaction by providing accurate information, multilingual, user-friendly and informative and constantly updated website to…

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