An Explication of the Electoral College System

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What is the Electoral College? The Electoral College is the current voting system in the country we live in. I think that this is not the best system we can have. If we only thought about it, we could do better, the Electoral College is a system of voting for important figures such as the president. It works by having ballots in states where voters can go to vote for their favorite candidate, These votes are then counted and then sent to the Electors of each state. The Electors take that information and send their state’s vote to the government. They can send in a vote that is against what the general population said they wanted Each state has a certain number of Electors based on its population. The purpose of this system is to choose a president It was made by the founding fathers to have a fair way of voting Since each state has Electors that represent them then the ballots are much easier to transport around and get the information where it needs to be, instead of twenty thousand votes for someone they have to only spread information of eleven.

The founding fathers thought this option was the best, They had other options for the voting style they could have chosen, but they chose this one in particular because they were afraid a candidate could manipulate direct votes to win, They also did it so that stupid people could not tilt the ballots enough to make a difference. The smart ones, the Electors, were the ones with the powers The way I would fix this is fairly simple. I would have it so that becoming a Voter is much harder. People only dedicated enough to go through the process of registering are the only ones who can vote. Such as a test, Each time of the vote for a president you would have to take a test about the main runner-ups.

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That would ensure most of the people who only know someone by their handshake don’t get to vote I would also completely remove the elector positions Instead people who vote already know enough about all of the candidates to form a proper opinion. The test would also have to be unbiased toward everyone. It couldn’t only ask about positive things for one person and negative about the other. To do this a system would be set up where there are 30 anonymous people who are indifferent on the candidates would create the test. This wouldn‘t be perfect but it would be a step in the right direction If there was a tie then one random voter will be counted twice. After the test the people eligible will vote, the booths will be electronic and secured.

They would not be able to connect to the internet, instead, there would be a special port that plugs into a device that takes the votes and counts them in a read»only manner and then sends the counts to the appropriate parties. There would be a way to limit the votes one person can have, The method i suggested is better than the current one. It would eliminate most corruption processes and it would also make sure only educated people can vote It makes the votes more secure from double votes and multiple votes from one person. The voting booth idea also secures the votes from most manipulation again though, if we only thought about it, we could do better.

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