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Analysis Winnie the Pooh

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1. Winnie the Pooh He is funny, humble, and hyperactive. He does a lot of silly things, and his love for honey is endless (And so Winnie the Pooh climbed the honey tree. He climbed and he climbed and he climbed, and as he climbed he hummed a little hum. ). 2. Christoper Robin He is everyone’s best friend and mostly indulges in activities to help his friends to get them out of tricky situations, most of the times it’s the silly old Pooh bear that he helps.

He helps Pooh collect honey, he rescues Roo & Tigger when they are stuck in high trees in the forest and nails Eeyore’s tail. 3. Piglet He is small, pinkish and striped.

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He is timid, clumsy (That’s what I’m asking myself, where? Whhooooops! P-P-P-P-POOH! ), kind, and tends to mistake fear for lack of courage. 4. Eeyore Eeyore is a donkey and is a blue-gray donkey. He is an intelligent animal but tends to keep to himself.

Eeyore is a extremely gloomy donkey and has a very bad habit of losing his tail (On this summer day, gloomy old Eeyore being stuffed with saw-dust had lost his tail again. ). 5. Rabbit He is pushy and takes his own decisions. He is always confuse with what he say ([Rabbit] Oh, no, no, help! Why did I ever invite that bear to lunch? Why, oh why, oh why? ).. . Owl He is the wisest amongst all the animals living in the 100 Acre Wood. He is always forthcoming in offering his advice, opinions and anecdotes irrespective of others wanting it ([Owl] It is my considered opinion that Eeyore’s tail should be placed a trifle to the a… right. ). 7. Tigger He is a very Bouncy Animal and resembles a tiger. He is always in an electrifying & exuberant mood and loves to bounce. The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that “I’m the only one! ” Tigger likes to bounce a lot, “cause that is what Tiggers do best. ” 8. Kanga Kanga is the sole female character in Winnie-the-Pooh.

She takes utmost care of Roo and shall often warn Roo of possible dangers involved in the activities that Roo undertakes. She often says “Now now Roo, you mustn’t do that dear,” to which Roo mostly replies “But moma! ” 9. Roo Roo is the youngest member of the 100 Acre Wood, he is blunt, simply-minded and likes to say whatever he thinks(“Easy mama. We bounced up”, “No, that’s good! … he can’t bounce anybody up there”). 10. Gropher He likes to eat snacks at night (“Time for my midnight snack”, “[Gopher] Here, a… let me see here… summer squash, summer salad, succotash, custard, and honey”).

He also likes to say various unique words ([Gopher] I’m gonna skidaddle. I’m not in the book… Eeeeyaaaa… And I’m a dinkdad glad of it. ), (He budged! Hooray! Christopher Robin! Christopher Robin! He bidged! He badged! He boodged! … ) * The Second Assignment 1. Personal reason why Winnie the Pooh is important to tell to our children? Personal reason why Winnie the Pooh is important to tell to our children because Winnie the Pooh is not only interesting for children, but also has great education value in it. 2. How the characters of Winnie the Pooh story offers children and business people nowadays?

Children become like to watch Winnie the Pooh cartoon or read the book and learn the good things or good characteristics from the characters in the story, while business people develop the characters in Winnie the Pooh and make them into something profitable. 3. How people develop the characters and make them into something profitable? People develop the characters and make them became decorations and designs of so many things like t-shirt, lunch box, school bag, pencil case, game, etc. They even make the characters in Winnie the Pooh became such thing like doll and clown. 4. Why the characters are interesting?

Prove it! The characters are interesting because actually A. A. Milne made the characters became different from what we usually know about all that kind of animal. For example, the character Piglet. Piglet is actually a pig which is we know that pig is a quite big animal, but in Winnie the Pooh, Piglet is pictured as small pink pig with stripe pattern on his body. The other example is the character Owl. As we know, usually in a story the character owl is a wise and an uncommunicative animal, but in Winnie the Pooh, the character Owl is a very talkative animal to the point once he speak, he cannot stop at all.

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