Anti Bullying Movement

“You’re fat and ugly! ” uniform such a loser! ” “Loner! ” “Brace face! ” “What a freak! ” These are the comments that deeply penetrate a child or teenager’s mentality. Psychological problems have occurred that could drive a person to suicidal actions, and to think it is suicidal actions over words. With that, a social movement has developed to bring awareness on bullying and Its wrongness.

The anta-bullying movement exists today and is rapidly spreading with various campaigns supporting it wrought the United States and to other countries as well. The anta bullying movement was been created In response to the steady Increase in bullying worldwide. Countries all across the globe participate in anti bullying activities, training sessions and legislation. What is anti bullying? In a way, the anti bullying movement gives a voice to the otherwise voiceless. It provides bullied kids (and young adults) with a sense of dignity and self worth along with a plan of action (Unbuckling).

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With growing incidents of bullying, it is up to society to teach potential allies aware that mistreating others Is unacceptable (Nebulously). According to the Nation Crime Prevention Center, “Although bullying was once considered a rite of passage, parents, educators, and community leaders now see bullying as a devastating form of abuse that can have long-term effects on youthful victims, robbing them of self-esteem, isolating them from their peers, causing them to drop out of school, and even prompting health problems and suicide. Therefore, the main goal of the movement Is to have Individuals treat others as they would Like others treat them. It is expected that children and teens learn the three “RSI” (Studiously): 1. Recognize bullying! A. Recognize when you or someone you know Is being bullied and take steps to make it stop. 2. Refuse to be a bully bystander! A. If you are a victim of witness to bullying stand up and take the action required to ensure it does not continue. 3 Report bullying a. Tell someone so action can be taken to make the bullying stop.

To reiterate the goals of the anti-bullying movement, students are to effectively incorporate anti- bullying slogans Like “Make Peace, Not Bullying” or “Bullies: More Scared Of You” Into school projects or logos (Unbuckling). The point of it all is to reduce the amount of bullying frequencies and to create a safe environment for students to be who they are without shame. An anti-bullying policy is important in making an environment safe and inclusive. It allows for young people to feel accepted, safe and comfortable.

An effective anti- bullying policy should encourage and support diversity, as well as outlining clear methods for dealing with any case of reported or suspected bullying (Cabinetwork). As a result, many individuals were moved and motivated to start projects and establish the grounds and seriousness of bullying. Bystanders no more! Many individuals who recognized bullying took a stand and took political opportunities to bring awareness of the seriousness of the bullying issue. National Bullying Prevention Week was conceived in Canada in 2000 by Canadian educator and anti-bullying activist Bill Belles.

The charity Act Against Bullying was formed in the I-J in 2003. In 2006, National Bullying Prevention Month was declared in the United States. The Suicide of Phoebe Prince in 2010 brought attention to the issue in Massachusetts, and sparked reforms in state education. The It Gets Better Project was started in 2010 to combat gay teen suicides. Lady Gaga announced the Born This Way Foundation in partnership with Harvard’s Bergman Center for Internet & Society in 2011 (Enable).

An even greater recognition and impact of the anti-bullying movement is that coalitions formed to achieve safe environments for students in schools. For example, the International Bullying Prevention Association and Cartoon Network supported this social movement. Even the government responded to society’s concerns by enforcing the Superbly Law in 2012. In a greater sense, the use of social media, like Twitter, Youth, and Backbone, spread awareness quickly and like wildfire. The anti-bullying movement was supported by many, but also criticized by many as well.

Marco Tortes, a research specialist and holds a degree in Public Health and Environmental Science, believed that children and society in general will ingrain ourselves deeper into government laws and distance ourselves further from our innate wisdom (Tortes). Children will become more dependent on what others can do for them rather than the child himself or herself fending for themselves. Tortes states that awareness of the social movement is growing in numbers and spreading through uses of posters, slogans, movies, books, songs, etc however bullying continues.

It is not the government who can fix the bullying problem, but an individual’s own wisdom to handle a tough situation. How can children feel empowered when they are informed that they are powerless to handle bullying on their own and need the help of everyone around them? How should children feel when they follow the instructions to inform adults on bullies only to find their peers calling them “snitches”? Children who continuously feel like they are victims will remain as victims unless they are taught to break the cycle. No one wants schools to function as correctional facilities.

They are educational institutions created to prepare children for the challenges of life, not to provide them with a false hope of a life without challenges (Tortes). Without these challenges in life, an individual will not grow up be a strong and independent person. It is these challenges that make up for who they are. To conquer each situation will lead to lessons learned and successful hoicks in the near future. Bullying continues to exist today in many different forms. Thus, the anti-bullying movement still exists and is growing in numbers of supporters.

Anti-bullying advocates aim for free expression with comparability in oneself. A person should be able walk around school campus without having to worry about what others pestering them about how they should act or how they should look. So to prevent further bullying or potential bullies, this social movement works to teach and inform Tolerance Policy’ that enforces consequences to those who disrupt efforts to protect al students’ safety and maintain a school environment that is conducive to learning (Insolence).

In short, adults strive for a “Bull-Free Zone” for students to comfortably learn in a place meant to further knowledge. Anti-bullying efforts aim to relieve the bullied of this uneasiness and embarrassment (Unbuckling). All in all, the use of social media allows the spread of anti-bullying awareness in mass numbers. This important social movement allows children and teens to have a stable self esteem and conscious to live in a safe, learning environment in schools. It also gives students a sense of dignity and self worth.

The movement gave hope to those who felt lost and helpless by having the government intervene and adults who assured students that they were there for them. Although bullying continues to exist, numbers of bullying are reducing in numbers. If this movement had never taken place, it is possible that death rates would increase and children would grow up with psychological problems. However, the movement exists and sheds light on a better life with love and hope. So when all seems lost, it is in your best interest to not give up because it does get better.

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