Federal Government Shutdown

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Provide historical examples showing how presidential public opinion figures can dramatically decline. We have Nixon and Watergate, which was a political scandal that occurred In the US in the asses as a result of the break-in at the democratic national committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex, and the Nixon administration;s attempted cover-up of its involvement, which led to the resignation of president Nixon. Also the is the Johnson and Vietnam, which was when president Johnson escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War, from 16,000 soldiers to 550,000 combat troops in ass’s.

This involvement stimulated a large Andy antiwar movement, which led Johnson to end his bid for reelection. 108. Why Is polling an Important part of the US political system? Polling Is an Important part because It tells us what proportion of a population has a specific view point and how the population thinks and feels about any topic. It is useful to helping different cultures understand one another by speaking for themselves. 109. List the pros and cons of exit polling: Pros of Exit Polling Cons of Exit Polling Exit polling Is a good source of information If It Is used properly, and most outlets do eve the resources to do It correctly.

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It gives a taste on what Is happening In the elections, though It It now something to rely on two candidates are around the same chances. It also can cause dilemmas if a poll is shown publicly and it is totally wrong. 110. What is the role of the president’s press secretary? Ere press secretary meets with the press when the president can’t. They are responsible for providing the necessary support and information to the media about the presidents beliefs and activities. 1 11 . Why do president’s need to worry about their public image? E president need to worry because the president of the US is a figure of role model for all Americans and he unifies the citizens. Also because Americans don’t always agree with the presidents opinions but if they have a good public image, they can give something the people would like and it would play a big role in the American elections. 112. What is the federal budget? Federal budget is the budget of the federal government. It is determined yearly and it forecasts the amount of money that will be spent on a variety of expenses of the next upcoming year. 113.

Describe the role of the MOB in the federal budget process. Ere role of the MOB is to assist the president in the supervision of the administration of the executive agencies by measuring their quality in knowing the presidents programs, polices, and procedures. Also by taking supervision in the preparation of the federal budget. 114. Where does the federal government receive most of its funding? Ere place where the federal government receive most of its funding from taxes. 1 15. Describe what happens when the government runs a budget surplus. Judged surplus is a situation in which income exceeds expenditures, or in other

Norms that the government collects more than it spends. 116. Describe what happens when the government runs a budget deficit. How is the national debt related? Debt is related because the national saving decrease when this happens. Then also the investments would decrease because there’s no money. Then it will obviously be drain on the long term economy. 117. What items take up the largest percentage of the annual federal budget? Why are entitlements and interest on the national debt considered fixed spending? Medicare and Medicaid take up the larger percentage of the annual federal budget spending.

Entitlements and interest on the national debt are considered fixed spending because there is no meaningful method of removing these costs. Interest on any is a fixed expense and salaries, which are entitlements, are also fixed expenses. 118. In as few words as possible, describe how the federal budget process exemplifies the principle of checks and balances. Ere checks and balances make budgeting very complex and require a multi-stage process that makes it difficult getting budget decisions made. 119. Using your notes, what famous law created the current federal budget process?

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