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This I Believe: Are Ghosts Real or Not

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As long as human memory relates, people have believed in ghosts. Today, many people believe that they have seen ghosts yet no evidence other than personal anecdote has been collected. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, why? If not, why not? What are people seeing and why?

A ghost is usually considered to be a disembodied spirit of a dead person who inhabits lonely, dark and hazardous places.  Man is a bit skeptical about the theory of ghosts.   Some people do believe that ghosts exist, whereas others do not.

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This I Believe: Are Ghosts Real or Not
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  In a study conducted in 2003, it was found that about 51 % of the Americans believed in ghosts, and about 58 % of the women believed in ghosts.  The surprising fact is that the 65 % of the young adults believed in ghosts, whereas 27 % of the elder population believed in the same (World Net Daily, 2003 & Thompson, 2008)).

The exact reason as to why people believe in ghosts has not been understood clearly.  However, many theories have been suggested.

  One reason is that there is proof all across the internet and also people would be spreading rumors of the presence in ghost in a particular place or at a particular time.  Some people believe in ghosts out of fear.  Other people consider that there would be life after death.  In the study, about 40 % of the young adult population believed in reincarnation and 14 % of the elder population believed in reincarnation.  They consider that ghosts may be one way in which the dead would like to interact with the living.  Many people also believe in ghosts as they cannot understand how certain unusual things in the environment may appear.  For example, a person suffering from visual hallucinations due to a mental disorder, may not accept the fact that he/she is suffering from a mental disorder, and may go to the extent of believing that a ghost is existent.  Other people may not consider the natural phenomenon that exists in the environment that may create a situation such that a ghost appears in the environment.  Scientist has provided that in certain situations due to the presence of certain natural and manmade phenomenon, a false visual experience is created such that a ghost appears in the environment (World Net Daily, 2003 & Thompson, 2008).

Personally, I do not believe in the phenomenon of ghosts, as I do consider that science is unable to prove the theory that ghosts are true and exists.  Scientists are able to disprove that ghosts did not appear in certain events people have experienced.  A person may report the presence of ghost due to a disturbance in his or her mental status or a disturbance in the environment.  If science is able to prove that ghost exists, then I would also believe in the same.


Thompson, C. (2008). Sometimes people believe in things that make no sense to others. Retrieved on June 21, 2008, from SocyBerty Web site: http://www.socyberty.com/Psychology/Why-People-Believe-in-Ghosts.75384

WorldNetDaily (February 27, 2008). Most Americans believe in ghosts,   Retrieved on June 21, 2008, from Rick Ross Web site: http://www.rickross.com/reference/general/general533.html

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