Argumentative rough draft undocumented immigrants

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My family and pay a lot of money to et each and every member in this country to insure ourselves of a better future. For someone or anybody to get a free ride would be unfair for all our hard work. I’m not saying that they do not deserve to be in this country, IM saying they should earn it and work hard for it like everybody else. The United States has created a lot of screening and processes to make sure that the people who will enter this country would not be a source of harm.

To give amnesty to undocumented immigrants can give the possibility of the country to be in danger because they have avoided the proper process. These recesses make sure that the people who will enter and choose to stay in the country would be fit physically and financially. Skipping these processes could let people of burden to be in the society. Some illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, some of them live off of it. They receive food stubs, health charity and government help from taxes that they do not pay for. They pay for nothing yet they get rewarded for it.

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Since they do not pay taxes, some of them earn more under the table than minimum wage employees who do their part to help the society by paying taxes. Entering and staying in a foreign country that does not allow it is illegal. Anything illegal is wrong. Whether you do it for a good cause, if it is illegal, it is a crime. Anybody who manages to make a crime is a criminal. You would not want criminals to stay in your country and take the opportunities you deserve right? Do not even get me started with employment.

On the other side, they say the United States is all about freedom, equality and liberty. To be able to do what you want, when you want it, as long as you do not hurt anybody. Wouldn’t it be ironic if you say that this country is all about freedom if they do not allow someone to live in adjust because they are from another country? Wouldn’t it be racist to deport people because they are not white? Would you still consider it equality if people cannot stay just because they are not Americans? They say the United States is the land of opportunities, but for who?

Immigrants should not be considered criminals. They enter the country to seek help for themselves to have a better future than they would get in their country. They do this out Of desperation as a cry for help. Why would you want to deport someone if they do their best to help their families? Why would you want to crush their dreams of providing a future for their families? These immigrants work hard to be here and they should be rewarded for their hard work. These immigrants, once given amnesty would be of better help for the country.

If these people would become citizens, they would be required to pay taxes, and more taxes mean more help for the development of the country. More people, more taxes, more money to help the government. If the government is has a lot of money, it can solve issues that come with the immigrants. An example is employment, since there is more money, the government can create more jobs to supply the demand of workers. Are they any different? Are people born from another country should be considered different from people born here?

Maybe we should all know that the United Sates is really owned by Native Americans who allowed English people to stay in their country. Maybe we should all go back to our roots and make sure that we are doing the right thing by not giving them amnesty. Technically white Americans are immigrants to, so why not help the immigrants now? In my opinion, immigrants do not deserve amnesty but they do deserve help to stay in this country. If you will not give the immigrants the chance, how will you ever know their potential to help this country?

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