Bachelor of Arts History Rough Draft Essay

Fields 1 Taylor Fields ENG 102 Turner 6 February 2013 Ken Saxon’s persuasion of logos (Rough Draft) Are you currently stuck and unsure of what major you want to pursue? Do you find yourself stressed over what will happen in the future and what career path you will take? If that is the case, then you’re not alone. Princeton graduate, Ken Saxon addresses this topic to the 2010 freshmen class of the University California, Santa Barbara. He explains that receiving a degree in one particular area does not necessarily mean anything in the real world.

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Bachelor of Arts History Rough Draft
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Ken Saxon mentions that college is primarily for discovering who you are and what you’re passionate about. Additionally, Saxon uses himself as the perfect example for his argument. In the article, “What Do You Do with a B. A. in History? ”, Ken Saxon uses the strategy of logos by presenting well, thought-out examples and logics to prove that having a degree is just the basic outline of one’s success in the future.

Throughout his speech, Ken Saxon repeatedly discusses the little importance of having a degree is for the future and to use college as a time to discover yourself.

He does a great job through his use of logos to make the audience less stressed about college and feel as if they can connect to him. Saxon uses logos in many ways by giving convincing statistics that support his claim. One of the statements that stood out to me was when he said, ““I can tell you that as a hiring employer, here are things I looked for: Initiative and leadership, work Fields 2 ethic, communication skills, and emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

None of these is linked to a specific line of study. ” (Saxon 523) This quote appeals to logos because he is using himself as the primary example to convince the audience that hiring jobs look beyond having a degree. Over all they look into what kind of person you are and the skills you obtain. Ken Saxon uses a large amount of logics in his speech to pursue the audience that college isn’t about taking one specific path, but to take many paths and explore anything that catches your interest.

In his speech Saxon states, “If you think about it, grad school is 100 percent specialized or focused in a certain discipline. In college, in contrast, you have a choice as to whether you go narrow or broad. ” (Saxon 522) This statement appeals to logos because it gives the audience proof that graduate school is when you are to be specific in what you want to do. College is just the basis for it. Our society today believes that by getting a certain degree, you will then be pursuing that exact career later on.

Ken Saxon explains through his appeals to logos by giving examples that this is not the case and tells the UCSB freshmen class that a college degree does not necessarily tie into your future. He says that “…it’s about discovering who you are, what you’re passionate about, what’s important to you, and what doesn’t interest you in the slightest. ” (Saxon 522) College is for exploring your interests and yourself and let everything fall into place.

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