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Army’s Expectations of a New Recruit

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Purpose: Purpose is to describe the Army’s expectations of a new recruit and to for warn an enlistee what he or she will encounter. Audience: This is recommended for people giving some thought to enlisting in the military. A new soldier will encounter many drastic lifestyle changes enlisting in the United States Army. I. The monocromatic tones of the buildings, coupled with the orginazation and properness of this facility, is a glimpse into what is to be expected. A.

From the officer’s haircuts, to every blade of grass, everything is lined up with the exactness of a razor blade.

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Army’s Expectations of a New Recruit
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B. Literally a hundred pages of forms are filled out at reception, from one’s shoe size, to one’s wills. C. In reception a recruit is tested for minimal physical fitness standards, as well as general social behavior, which is cataloged to see how well the recruit will get along with others. II. After reception is complete, a recruit will go to the main training center, which is always close by.

A. A recruit might be in a state of shock when he or she gets off the bus because of the glass shattering screaming of orders by multiple officers. B. Any failure to comply quickly, with any given order, is met by a vigorous reconstructive tone. C. The stripping of normal civilan thoughts like how to stand and when to speak are quickly altered by negative reinforcement. III. Completion of basic training is met with exhilaration and contemplation of future events. A. The overwheming joy of completing this achievement is mixed with the uncertiany of what assignment is coming next.

B. The bonds formed in basic training must now be broken and reformed with new soldiers from different backrounds. C. After basic is completed a soldier must now proceed to advanced individual training (AIT) to correctly fill their roles in their assigned company. IV. The decision to enlist in the United States Army is not an easy one, but it will be an achievement that no one can take away, and the benefits that come with completion of this challenge will last a lifetime.

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