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Arnold Schwarzenegger – Biography Facts

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30,1947, in Thal,

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Arnold Schwarzenegger – Biography Facts
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Austria. His parents were Aurelia and Gustav Schwarzenegger, and

his older brother was Meinhard, who was liked better than Arnold

by his father. Arnold’s family believes he inherited his physique

from Karl Schwarzenegger, Arnold’s grandfather. Arnold’s father

was the head of the German military police during the war years in

Belgium. Gustav was legendary for his strict discipline toward

Arnold and Meinhard. For example, he would make Arnold eat every

meal with books pressed tightly under his arms to teach him to keep

his elbows to his side while he ate.

His father would make Arnold

and Meinhard compete to see who the best was in boxing matches,

races, and studying. His father humiliated the loser with scornful

remarks. Each Sunday Arnold and Meinhard were permitted to choose

among hiking, visiting a farm, seeing a play, museum, or art show.

After their Sunday excursion, their father required them to write

a ten page essay describing their day, which he graded Monday

morning, and mistakes were not tolerated.

Arnold could never win

his father’s praise, and at the age of thirteen he began dreaming

of becoming bigger and stronger than his father. Arnold would

sneak into movie theaters to watch Hercules with Steve Reeves and

Reg Park, who were bodybuilders. He would judge, and admire Reg

Park, promising himself that one day he would surpass him. Arnold

was determined that he wouldn’t be like other people, he wanted to

Arnold was Invited by Kurt Marnul, who was Mr. Austria, to

receive training at the Athletic Union Graz. Both of his parents

disapproved of Arnold, especially then because over a couple of

years Arnold grew larger and also created a life for himself.

Gustav was trying to diminish Arnold because he was surpassing him.

In 1966, Arnold won three German competitions: Mr. Europe, The

International Powerlifting Championship, and the Best Built Man of

Europe. Also in Europe, Arnold won his first ever Mr. Universe.

After this competition, Arnold was invited by Joe Weider to come

to the United States and compete in the National Bodybuilding

Association. Arnold felt that it was time to expand his career

further to prove that he was the best in the world, and so in 1968

he came to the United States. As a result of Joe Weider’s

training, and Arnold’s competitive nature, he went on to win Mr.

Universe a total five times. By 1970, at the age of 23, Arnold had

reached the premier status of bodybuilding. He won The Gold

Triangle (the three top competitive events in bodybuilding) which

consists of Mr. Universe, Mr. World, and Mr. Olympia. By 1980,

Arnold had accumulated seven Mr. Olympia crowns in a row. Arnold’s

success extends far beyond his titles, in that he earned

bodybuilding great respect, because then it was considered obscure,

and limited to homosexuals. Arnold recognized bodybuilding’s

limitations in that he couldn’t continue this occupation for the

rest of his life. As a result, Arnold set out to achieve his next

Arnold’s first film was Hercules In New York, in which his

lines were dubbed because he could not speak English very well.

From then on, Arnold’s acting career has been on the rise. He was

the main actor in such movies as Conan the Barbarian,

and. Not only has Arnold settled for acting, he is now

In 1990, George Bush named Arnold as chairman of the

President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Arnold

appeared at many sports and fitness demonstrations around the

United States. Arnold would stress the importance of being

physically fit, and the importance that sports play in our lives.

Arnold Schwarzenegger can be described as the greatest and most

successful bodybuilder in history to a box office superstar.

Arnold is truly an example that proves if you want to do something

bad enough, you can achieve it. He overcame many obstacles to

achieve his goals in life, and did everything to the best of his

ability. Arnold Schwarzenegger can be considered a true role

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Arnold Schwarzenegger – Biography Facts. (2018, Oct 03). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/arnold-schwarzenegger-biography-facts/

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