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Arnold Research Paper What changes a

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Arnold Essay, Research Paper

What changes a military hero from a great nationalist to a faithless treasonist? Benedict Arnold is the lone adult male in our history to be a military hero for both sides. He is known to most in our state as a treasonist but without his valiant attempts in conflict against the British forces our state may non be singing the National Anthem but God Save the Queen. His passion for get the better ofing the enemy in the terminal was what defeated him.

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Arnold Research Paper What changes a
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What was the turning point in this nationalist? s calling? The Saratoga run was a series of conflicts fought during the months of June through October in 1777 in New York. During these conflicts it was Arnold who led the Americans to get the better of Britain? s armed forces.

Although it was General Horatio Gates who was in charge it was Arnold? s action that helped take them to triumph. During the Battle of Saratoga, specifically at Freeman? s Farm, the American? s were withdrawing but Arnold would non accept that.

He got on his white Equus caballus and led a superb charge against the British. It was during this charge that Arnold? s leg was crushed beneath his Equus caballus.

This gallant attempt individual handedly got the withdrawing American military personnels into a charge against the enemy, which in the terminal created a triumph for the Americans and convinced the Gallic to come in the war.

This was such an of import event in the American Revolution that one of his solider would subsequently compose that he was? the really mastermind of war. ? In fact, the enemy besides held this point of view, for it was British General Johnny Burgoyne who said that it was because of Arnold that he surrendered.

However, non everyone saw Arnold in this visible radiation. Arnold angered General Gates because of his changeless rebelliousness. Gates didn? T want Arnold to contend because if a old hurt. This made Arnold, who was known for his loud voice and hot pique, ferocious. This caused General Gatess to go covetous and because of his? sheer pettiness? Gates would deprive Arnold of his bid.

After the conflict Arnold needed to recover his hurt leg which in the terminal would be left crippled. Unfortunately, it was during this clip that the ideas of lese majesty started to organize. Arnold became really acrimonious with the fact that he was non recognized? for his military mastermind on the portion of Congress and the Continental Army. ? While others were promoted for their actions in the conflict at Saratoga Arnold was punished. This unfairness caused Arnold to turn against his state.

? Faced with fiscal ruin, uncertain of future publicity, and disgust with congressional political relations, Arnold made a fatal decision. ? A twelvemonth and a half-later Arnold was in bid of West Point, an American Fort on the Hudso

n River. Arnold was in great debt, couldn? Ts make any money, was crippled and couldn? t battle he urgently wanted the war to stop. Embittered Arnold had had plenty and decided that if he help Britain he could stop the war Oklahoman. He planned to turn over West Point to the British for 20,000 lbs. In the beginning at that place was much success in his program. His contact was British Army Major John Andre. Arnold wanted 500 lbs a hebdomad for life, 10,000 lbs no affair what, and 20,000 to turn over West Point to the British. Arnolds program was simple make it look that West Point was going stronger while he was truly weakening it.

Arnold sent a dinghy, Vulture, up the Hudson to acquire Andre. Arnold took Andre behind American lines to Joshua Smith? s house. However, in the thick of this program Andre took off to New York. Three work forces stopped him. Andre mistook them for Tories but they were really Americans. When they searched him they found letters implicating Arnold in Andres boot. They learned that both Andre and Arnold were undercover agents. Arnold escaped on the boat that brought Andre. Unfortunately for Andre he was caught, tried and found guilty of descrying. He was subsequently hanged.

Arnold escaped to Britain and was paid 6,000 lbs to fall in their armed forces. He believed that by allowing himself fall in the British military it would somehow weaken the American forces and quest for autonomy.

In 1785, Arnold returned to American dirt as a commanding officer of British forces in his native Connecticut. The most celebrated of these conflicts would be the combustion of New London. This would be Arnold? s gravest determination for he turned treasonist to the losing side and lost his place in his Native state.

? Benedict Arnold? s name lives in opprobrium. He stands as the American incarnation of lese majesty, yet he was superb, and without his military mastermind, the state would hold been lost on three occasions. No other general in American history has of all time commanded a individual conflict that, if lost, would hold spelled licking for the full state, yet Arnold commanded three such conflicts: Valcor Island, the Mohawk Valley, and eventually Saratoga.

Had Arnold been killed at Saratoga, today at that place would hold been metropoliss and provinces named after him, and no 1 except Washington would hold been so revered for his achievements. But his lese majesty has erased much of his glorification. He died profoundly on debt, as an obscure, pathetic figure in London in 1801. He is buried in a common grave with his married woman, Peggy, and girl, Sophia, in a crypt in the cellar of St. Mary? s Battersea Church in London, where British functionaries have inscribed an epitaph that says: ? Arnold was sometimes General for His Majesty and sometimes General for the Colonies. ? ?

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