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Art Appreciation Ch 6, 7, 8

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The three purposes of drawing are: to record, to ______________, and to make a finished artwork
A type of paint utilizing egg yolk as a binder is:
In painting media, the pigment most notably provides:
To create Guernica, a monumental painting depicting the horrors of war, this artist made many preliminary sketches.
Pablo Picasso
Madonna and Child with the Chancellor Rolin, by the Flemish artist Jan van Eyck, is an excellent example of a(n)___________ painting.
oil and tempera
oil painting
Rosalba Carriera, Portrait of a Girl with a Bussola, 1725-30
pastel on paper
Sandro Botticelli, The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti (I), 1440-45
tempera on panel
Emil Nolde, Prophet, 1912
Vija Celmins, Web #5, 1999
charcoal on paper
Pigment suspended in hot wax
Printmaking technique based on the antipathy of oil and water.

An opaque, water-soluble paint.
Any printmaking technique in which lines and areas to be inked are recessed below the printing plate surface.
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Art Appreciation Ch 6, 7, 8
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The gradations of light and dark values in two-dimensional imagery.
Drawing one set of lines over another, in a different direction, to suggest shadows or darker areas.
An extremely thick application of oil paint
A painting technique in which pigments are applied to a damp plaster surface.
Rue Transnonain, April 15, 1834, Lithograph
Honore Daumier
The Knight, Death and the Devil, Engraving
Albrecht Durer
The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011, iPad drawing
David Hockney
Carpenter, Black crayon
Vincent van Gogh
A(n) _______ drawing must be sprayed with a solution of thinned varnish to keep particles of the medium affixed to the surface.
Which effect can be achieved by using charcoal on roughly textured paper?
A wide range of light to dark tonal value
Rosalba Carriera, creator of Portrait of Girl with a Bussola, was a popular eighteenth-century artist whose medium of choice offered rich colors and a smooth surface. Identify the medium
Which term is used to describe drawings that record the appearance of things that we see?
The original meaning of the term ______________ is a type of preparatory drawing that is a full-sized drawing made as a guide for a larger work in another medium.
Which of the following media used today is similar to drawing media used by prehistoric people?
Drawings done with ink thinned with water and executed with a brush are referred to as _______.
Charles White used the technique of _______ to give the figure in Preacher a feeling of figural mass.
How is Marjane Satrapi’s bold drawing style especially appropriate for graphic novels?
It parallels the story’s clear narrative
A very thin, transparent film of color painted over an already-painted surface is called:
In painting media, the pigment provides:
A type of painting utilizing egg yolk as a binder is _______.
The Chinese believe that painting is derived from the art of:
One of the advantages of oil paint is its:
slow drying time
Engraving, etching and _______ are intaglio processes.
dry point
Lithography is a surface or _______ printing process.
What characteristic of lithography makes it appropriate for images like Honore Daumier’s Rue Transnonain?
Its potential for quick and efficient reproduction
The _______ cut is a modern development in relief printing.
What term describes the metal plate used to produce Rembrandt’s Christ Preaching?
At various stages in the printmaking process, artists make what are called _______ to check on the developing image.
The rubber-edged tool used in silk-screening is called a(n) _______.
The fraction that appears in the center of a print below the image is referred to as the _______
Which of the following is a type of stencil printing?

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