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Art Appreciation in Elementary School

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Art is everywhere (Guillermo, 1976). We can find it through our daily activities. We can find it in every thing we saw without knowing that what we see and what we touch is already the works of art. Art add up to the beauty of life. It gives color, and light to every single piece of thing. Without it, life is so boring and null. Art is not just for beautification of things but it also give the people enthusiasm, energy and good motivation, in a sense that people are encourage of doing or working on a certain things/project because of the joy and pleasure it brings because of art.

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Art Appreciation in Elementary School
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Art has many forms (Guillermo, 1976).  It can be in a form of paintings, illustrations, music, graphs, colors and even the gestures of people are also considered an art. How people dress up, how he/she style her/his hair, tie his/her shoe, put her make up, and match his/her get up color are also an art.

Many where unaware of it but somehow appreciate the existence of it, unconsciously knowing that it is already a product of art especially for those who are not really fun of observing his environment and what is the reason behind everything, on how it exist and what it makes wonderful. In paintings for example, some people cannot appreciate its beauty, color combination and the real essence of it. But for the artist himself, it means a lot to him/her. All his/her effort is put into his/her masterpiece no matter how he/she presents it to the public. For them there is always an amazing story behind every product of art. Though the meaning is not that obvious but the art of doing so is indeed a marvelous one.

Where can we usually find arts? And how it is used? Schools are the institute where we can easily perceive the existence of art, especially in elementary level, where students are children. Elementary schools always used signs to interpret word or phrases for children to easily get what the words mean. Arts are always used as a classroom beautification and knowledge enhancer. As we observed most elementary schools are always using drawings as an additional object for instructions and sayings. It is usually posted on walls and even to instruct where the comfort rooms are, was also using the work of arts- the female and male drawings. For words become more meaningful and useful when it is accompanied with colors and arts especially if the words or phrases’ meaning are not blatant to the readers. With the used of signs, drawings and illustration, word meaning is straightforwardly implied. An art does not solely focuses on walls, signs, drawing and all these stuffs, but it is also referred on how the teachers put and color such things. The orders and positioning of those things is also the works of art. Even how the words were written and expressed is also considered as art, because art is omnipresent and you can always observed and see it in every seconds and every minute of your life, especially in school where it is widely used. The more teachers’ uses arts in teaching the more students learn without difficulty and the more they appreciate how important and wonderful art should be, for art doesn’t end. It is always improving, and continues to give life, knowledge and good expression to everybody’s sight.

Why do arts useful in elementary class discussion? Arts give meaning to every word spoken. It helps student to fully understand what the lesson is all about.  As we all know, children are the most appreciative in arts, specifically drawings, colors, as well as music. Through these they are more encourage to do their task and they are more willing and very attentive to learn. Arts are useful in explanations and illustration of a certain topic so they can easily catch up and understand. Teachers are using these kind of tools in order them to fully illustrate what they really want their students to comprehend. Beside from it, students are more likely to focus their attention to the discussion because of the catching and attention grabber arts used by the teachers. Most of these are colorful symbols, drawings and paintings. These are very useful for teaching because elementary students are more likely to believe and accept fact as true based on what they see. They can easily link facts in a certain lessons based on the example given by the teachers. On the other hand, teachers wont have hard time in explaining and inculcating their lesson to the minds of the students. It is simple, easy and requires less effort for them. But they must also see to it that the art for example paintings, they are going to used as an example are suitable to the lesson they are discussing, to avoid confusion to the mind of the students. Because children considered teachers as more knowledgeable, creative and superior than them, that is why they have greater tendency to believe what they teach as right and irrevocable.

Why do elementary students are more appreciative in arts than college students? According to Helen Dume, “art is a change and it is fun! It is a time when there is no right or wrong answer! It is impossible to fail!” that is why children are enthusiastic with art. They find it interesting and always have good time with it. As we all know children’s attentions are very hard to win. Because they don’t have the sense of focused and attentiveness yet. Their interests always change as what they see and hear. All things are very passing to them. They see and hear now and later forget and reject. They don’t know how to visualized and perceived things nor ideas yet if they don’t see any evidence of existence. Unlike college students where they are more mature in thinking and can visualized things and incidents though the real meaning is hidden. That is why elementary schools are more likely to used visual arts, symbols, signs, paintings and drawings to fully illustrate and discussed the lessons well to the students. It helps the students to understand and appreciate the discussion better. Aside from these, students’ attentions are fence in to the certain topic. For arts help them appreciate, enjoy, and motivate them in being attentive and enthusiastic to class discussions, especially if teachers are more inventive in presenting her/his artistic lessons. Students may perceive things and idea as true based on given and presented facts of arts to them. They can easily digest and apply every lesson heard based on how it is being presented to them. Arts as a tool for discussion will always give the impression of appreciation and easy learning for students. Its gives and help them give ideas on what the teacher is talking about especially for students who are slow in accepting things and catching up thoughts. With art students are more probable to lean their full attention to teachers discussion because they find it interesting, with the thought of getting imaginative ideas out of it.

Art in general is indeed wonderful and amazing one. Teacher’s tasks were made easy and less stressful no matter what form of art is being used. It helps holding on children’s fleeting attention to certain things and ideas. Most studies show that children who excel in their art classes have great tendency to excel in other field also. With the used of it they begin to see stuff as appreciative and realistic. They begin to develop focused, consideration and cooperation. Though not all students feel they have all the excellent ability in arts. They sometimes feel that the other suppress them. Teaching the student the real essence of art that, it does not have to be perfect all the time, as long as it is done with effort and confidence then it ends up with a marvelous one, will help uplift their declining self esteem. Art is widely used as an instrument for better education and comprehension. It is the universal tools used to enhance teaching technique. The used of art in elementary schools provide children an easy and achievable schooling strategy. It gives practice on how to skillfully used art in the future. Aside from it, children’s potential to become a better person someday is molded and enhanced. Their minds are nurtured to appreciate more arts and probably to apply it their lives and future. Art is seen everywhere we go, no matter how old or young we may be. No matter how far, and what status we may be, either we are on top or at the lowest rank of the hierarchy; art continue to exist, grow and broaden. Even if doing art is a total visual success to everyone, all students can learn to appreciate art (Linderman, 1996).


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