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Art Museum and Brief Definition of Art

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Art does not have exact definition because it is subjective. It depends upon the discretion of perception of an individual –and people have different ways of appreciating art. Any brief definition of art will oversimplify the subject. For a start, art is defined a visual expression of an idea or experience with the skilful use of a medium. However, not all art is visual as in the case of music which requires auditory rather than visual perception. Art is also described as the product of the creative combination of colors, sounds, shapes, movements or any elements that affects one’s sense of beauty.

Indeed, art has a wide range of definitions such as: the creation of illusion; the exhibition of skills; creative principles and; any creation that stimulates emotion. Further, art is said to persuade, to beautify, to express, to entertain and to adorn. However it is defined, art makes our life colorful.

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Art Museum and Brief Definition of Art
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Art is one essential tool for nonverbal communication.

It expresses a lot. It may tell about the personal story and experiences of the artist, including his prevailing emotions. Sometimes, the behaviour and personality of the artist can be seen through his artworks. Art also reveals the cultural practices and customs of various nations, as well as their family values.

Indian writer Ananda Coomraswamy points out in his Transformation of Nature in Art, “The artist is not a special kind of man, but every man is a special kind of artist.” There is no particular prerequisite to become an artist; anybody can be an artist regardless of race, gender, upbringing and education. An artist must be open-minded, patient, perceptive, original, unafraid to take risk, persistent, and dedicated to make the best art possible. Most of all, an artist must have the freedom to express what is going on in his mind.

An artist must also has the skill to visualize the art he desires to produce by mentally picturing it out or by letting an idea lead to another as the work progresses, thus creativity is very important for him to possess. The talent to be original is also important since a real artist’s skill to manipulate a medium allows him to create an artwork that is entirely his own idea. An artist’s skill is not entirely physical. As mentioned earlier, he must have the talent to visualize ideas. This visualization is enhanced by awareness. His perception is affected by his awareness which comes through the sense of sight and visual thinking. He must be aware of the uniqueness of things around him that allows enormous artistic possibilities. While others dismissively may see an object, say a stone, as an ordinary and insignificant piece of rubbish, an artist visualizes it as a thing of beauty.

Usually, the artist knows he achieves something when people appreciate his work. That is the common barometer for almost all artists. Further, when the art piece commands a high price, it indicates that the artist did a real good job. However, not all artists agree on that. Many artists, especially the dedicated and committed ones, place monetary and accolade last on their list. For them, their self-fulfilment is the real indicator. If they are satisfied with their works, whether appreciated by other people or not, they are sure that they achieve something.

As the definition of art is subjective, so is the taste of people. That is the beauty of appreciation: be subjective. As opposed to objective, subjective gives the freedom to anyone to view his own opinion and not bounded by any outside stimuli. People have varying standards when it comes to art. What good to someone may be bad to others.

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