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Assesing the US Presidental candidates 2008

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            Before he was elected as the President of the United States of America, my impression of Senator Barack Obama is that he is full of vitality in terms of his political drive largely because of his young age compared to other senators. Another impression that I have for Obama is that he is filled with idealism because, unlike other politicians who have already spent several years in public office, he is someone who has not yet given up on the hope that America can be changed for the better through political and social power.

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Assesing the US Presidental candidates 2008
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            During the time Obama was campaigning for the position of the Democratic presidential nominee against Hillary Clinton, the impression that I got was that Obama stood for change. In fact, his famous slogan—“change, we can believe in”—stood as he cornerstone of his campaigns. All the years of the Bush administration perhaps sparked the interest of Americans to clamor for a change in Washington not only in terms of who was leading the nation but also in terms of what political ideologies the leadership is advancing.

Obama’s call for the reformation the leadership and the position of America with respect to the perception of the global community gained much prominence during his campaigns.

            By the time he was already campaigning for the presidency against Republican John McCain, my impression was that the contrasts became more emphasized. For the most part, Obama was running against a politician who echoes political sentiments that are parallel to the Bush administration’s beliefs, the war in Iraq notwithstanding (Kantor, 2008). Thus, it became relatively easier for my part to have the impression that, indeed, Obama might usher in a new wave of politics in America which, hopefully, will bring about positive consequences for the country.

            Barack Obama also has several stand-out qualities that distinguish him from other politicians and political candidates in the past. One of these stand-out qualities is his impressive manner of speaking before a large crowd. Political analysts say Obama’s rhetoric reflects the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. and the sentiments of African-Americans in the country, much to the delight of his fellow black Americans and parts of Latino communities (Martelle, 2008). As the results of the elections would reveal, Obama was able to win in so-called “red” states or in states where Republicans had much political control in previous elections (Miller, 2008). His win in these states reflect the kind of political campaign he has done and the message he has been sending to the public. Regardless of whether you are a conservative Republican or a liberal Democrat, Obama’s emphasis on “change” transcends political boundaries.

            Another stand-out quality of Obama that may have a role in catapulting him into the presidency is his general appeal or charisma towards the public. With the combination of his talent in rhetoric, it is no wonder why he was able to attract millions of voters to his side. His presence alone in the presidential elections is a stark reminder that America is entering into a new generation, suggesting that even though the racial divide may still be present America is beginning to awaken to its senses (Sullivan, 2008). The very fact that a black American went to run for the presidency is already a feat in itself, creating the impression that Obama is as charismatic as any popular Hollywood star (McManus, 2008). I say his charisma is a stand-out quality precisely because he was able to transform states from red to blue, so to speak, and keep the American faith in the elections and hope in the politics of nation back to life.

            Barack Obama is now the 44th President of America and much is expected from him, especially now that he is about to deal with an economic turmoil that critics say has been the offspring of the Bush administration’s policies, both local and foreign. The question as to whether his stand-out qualities and the impression of the people towards him will lift America back to its feet is now just a matter of time.


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