Carbon-offset trips

Bill wants the entry in Column G to remind him of expenses that require receipts for the accountant. Tell Bill what to put in Column G to do this: A. Print the word ‘Yes” in any row where the total daily expenses are greater than or equal to $100. 00. Click on the cell in Column G that reflects amounts over $100. 00 and enter the word “Yes”. B. If the daily expenses total are less than $100. 00, leave the Column G entry for that row blank. 1 . Bill’s business is already expanding. He thinks that in a few weeks, he will need to hire one or two employees to help him.

He knows that new employees will need their own computer. He is also making the necessary changes so that the new employees will be working in a spare room in Bill’s house. Explain to Bill what networking options he has. Go through each type or configuration of network possible for him, making sure that you explain the pros and cons of each configuration. Finish with your suggestion for the network that he should set up and explain what new hardware will be required to do this. 1 . Workup 2. Domain 3. Homegrown Workup, Domain, and Home groups represent different methods for organizing computers in networks.

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The main difference among them is how the computers and other resources on the networks are managed. Computers running Windows on a network must be part of a workup or a domain. Computers running Windows on home networks can also be part of a home group, but it’s not required. Computers on home networks are usually part of a workup and possibly a homegrown, and computers on workplace networks are usually part of a domain. In a workup: All computers are peers; no computer has control over another computer. Each computer has a set of user accounts.

To log on to any computer in the workup, you must have an account on that computer. There are typically no more than twenty computers. A workup is not protected by a password. All computers must be on the same local network or subnet. In a Domain: One or more computers are servers. Network administrators use servers to control the security and permissions for all computers on the domain. This makes it easy to make changes because the changes are automatically made to all computers. Domain users must provide a password or other credentials each mime they access the domain.

If you have a user account on the domain, you can log on to any computer on the domain without needing an account on that computer. You probably can make only limited changes to a computer’s settings because network administrators often want to ensure consistency among computers. There can be thousands of computers in a domain. The computers can be on different local networks. In a Homegrown: A group of Windows computers and devices that share content and devices with each other. What is shared with the Homegrown is not available to other amputees that are on the same network but are not part of the Homegrown.

The computers that are part of the Homegrown are not required to enter a surname and password each time they connect to something that’s shared with the Homegrown, as was the case with older operating systems. Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers and devices can join the Homegrown. There’s no limit to the number of computers that can join a Homegrown. I suggest that Bill gets the Workup mainly because regardless if he’s working at home it’s still a business. Workups provide a basis for files, printers, and Internet connection, but do to actually set up sharing for you.

All computers must be running Microsoft operating systems so Bill will have to purchase Microsoft operating computers for his new employees. 2. With the possibility of three business computers in his home, and all of his business records possibly vulnerable, this would be a good time to advise Bill on how to set up a routine plan to protect and defend his new network. Provide a list of the five most important concerns for safety and security of the network and the computers in the network. For each concern, specify the action to be oaken, and if applicable, what software you recommend be added to the system.

Justify each of your recommendations. Listed are five important concerns for safety and security and recommendations for prevention: 1. Internet and Network Security Covers mallard and hacking techniques. Recommendation: When browsing always remember to use high level SSL encryption to keep your data safe. 2. Data Loss by Accidents Caused by problems with data storage devices. Recommendation: To recover data packets lost in transit; the data loss caused by a computer/server crash can be prevented using a solid backup plan.

Data files can be replicated over a remote server as well as on different computers on a network. 3. Misuse of User rights Users with certain rights may misuse their privileges to steal company data and sell it competitors. Recommendation: Monitor what files are shared between workup networks. You can monitor these activities through the administrator computer in that network. 4. Spamming Used by both internal and external hackers. The trick is to flood the network with fake data packets. Recommendation: Misleading ads and pop ups can contribute o the accidental downloading of malicious software onto your computer.

Most web browsers have internal pop-up blockers. This web browser plug-ins removes the ads. 5. Standalone computers Stealthy technique used when users leave their computers running and unattended. Recommendation: Program the computer to lock by itself after a few minutes of inactivity. The option is available in Windows SO where you can set a password for each user and set the properties to ask for the password when the screen saver is removed. You can also lower lowering the time before screen saver starts.

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