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International social responsibility

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International social responsibility is the expectation that Mac’s concern themselves with he social and economic effects of their decision regarding activities in other countries (Dresser, P. 41). The stance on international social responsibility consist of; assuming some responsibility for economic development in a subsidiary’s host country to taking an active role in indemnifying and solving world problems (Dresser, P. 41 Their stance is to determine how harmonious and productive its relationship will be with host countries. ) Discuss the criticisms that have been leveled against Mans in the past regarding their activities in less developed countries.

What counterarguments are there to those criticisms? Criticisms that have been leveled against Mans in the past regarding their activities in less developed countries consist of the benefits versus harm wrought by their operations around the world (Dresser, P. 40). This can consist of disrupting the social, technological, and political climates in host nations.

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International social responsibility
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Counterarguments to those criticisms are that Mans can argue that they positively impact the developing economies by many ways.

The ways they impact it consist of; providing managerial training, investment capital, new technology, s well as creating jobs and improving infrastructures that without the presence of Mans host nations would not have all of this (Dresser, P. 41). 3) What does moral universalism mean? Discuss your perspective on this concept. Do you think the goal of moral universalism is possible?

Is it advisable? Moral universalism means to address the need for a moral standard that is accepted by all cultures (Dresser, P. 43). My perspective on this concept is that morals are based on the culture; each moral will reflect the culture and not every culture will have the same moral. I believe that it will be hard to reach the goal of moral universalism because of the simple fact that each culture has different morals; it will be hard to have a standard moral that is accepted by all cultures.

Over time it may be advisable but no time soon, it will take time to develop a standard moral for all cultures. 4) What do you think should be the role of Mans toward human rights issues in other countries? What are the major human rights concerns at this time? What ideas do you have for dealing with these problems? What is the role of corporate codes of conduct in dealing with these concerns? When dealing with human rights it is not quite clear on the morality of Mans standpoint where as the presence or activities in a country are clear.

Human rights are clouded by the perceptions and priorities of people in different countries (Dresser, P. 44). Their role towards human rights issues in other countries should be to work with the international community on the human rights violations. Amnesty International has called for the USA to have greater respect for human rights a major human right concern at this time is the death penalty (The USA and Human Rights). Ideas for dealing with this problem would be to sentence someone to life and do away with the death penalty. ) What is meant by international business ethics? Should the local culture affect ethical practices? What are the implications of local norms for ethical decisions by NC managers? International business ethics refers to the business conduct or morals of Mans in their relationships with individuals and entities. This is based on the cultural value system and the generally accepted ways of doing business in each country or society. Local business practices differ between regions of the world and it is art to find ethical standards for all Mans (Dresser, P. 9). 6) As a manager in a foreign subsidiary, how can you reconcile local expectations of questionable payments with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? What is your stance on the problem of “payoffs”? How does the degree of law enforcement in a particular country affect ethical behavior in business? The Foreign Corrupt Practice Act was created to help Americans distinguish between harmless practices and actual bribery, between genuine relationships and those used as a cover up. This act prohibits U. S. Impasses from making legal payments, other gifts, or political contributions to foreign government officials for the purpose of influencing them in business transactions (Dresser, P. 53). My stance on payoffs is that many businesses will take part in bribery to enhance their company and climb to the top instead of doing it in a correct and professional manner. By having the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act in action it sets guidelines for companies to go by to avoid bribery. 7) What do you think are the responsibilities of Mans toward the global environment?

Give some examples of NC activities that run counter to the incepts of ecological interdependence and sustainability. Think the responsibility of Mans toward the global environment is the management of environmental interdependence which includes the need to consider ecological interdependence, economic implications and social implications of NC activities (Dresser, P. 56-57). An example of NC activities that run counter to the concepts of ecological interdependence and sustainability would be the export of hazardous wastes from other countries. ) Discuss the ethical issues that have developed regarding the use of IT in cross- border transactions. What new conflicts have developed since the printing of this book? What solutions can you suggest? Information technology has posed a challenge to have consistent practices around the world because of the expectations about the use of technological devices. Most of the engagement is seen as positive but some people see it as negative. Since the printing of this book a new conflict is the off shoring of jobs. A solution could be to contract out work through the help of information technology (Dresser, P. 1). Application Exercise 1) Do some research to determine the codes of conduct of two familiar Impasses? Compare the issues that they cover and share your findings with the class. After several students have presented their findings, prepare a chart showing the commonalities and differences of content in the codes presented. How do you account for the differences? Two familiar companies are Hackett-Packard and Dell. They both have united along with other companies in their industry to form their own code for responsible action. The code is known as the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (ICE).

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