Pseudopodia: “Fake” Code in Python

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Should “problem” = an issue in the code that is preventing it from executing, than the first thing I would imagine being done is to look over the program for syntax errors and logic errors. (While I know that syntax is usually the culprit for error, may as well look for the both of them if I’m going to be going over code line by line. )

What is pseudopodia? Pseudopodia is “fake” code (as per the pseudo meaning fake and code meaning code). This is where a programmer writes out the code without worry of syntax or logic errors to get a visual feel of how the program should unfold. Computer programs typically perform what three steps?

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The three steps that computer programs typically perform are: 

  1. Input- where the program collects data from a source
  2. Process- Where the input data is used for an out come
  3. Output- where the processed data is presented
  4. What does the term “user-friendly” mean?

User-friendly is a term used in the software development to describe programs that are easy to use.

Algorithm Workbench Review

  1. Design an algorithm that prompts the User to enter his or her height and tortes the user’s input in a variable named height. Display “You have found the I’m Going to Turn Your Height into Information I Can Use program (feel free to clap and cheer! )”
  2. Display “Enter your height, please”
  3. Input heuristic
  • Display “Thank you! (Now please move along, I have more people to collect data from. Y’
  • Design an algorithm that prompts the user to enter his or her favorite color and stores the user’s input in a variable named color.
  • Display ‘Wow! You found my super-secret hiding place… While you’re here, can I ask you what your favorite color is? “

Input factor

Display “You are getting sleepy… Ooh very sleepy… When you wake up, you will never remember being here… ” Programming Exercise Questions 1. Personal Information Design a Program that displays the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address, with the city, state, and ZIP
  • Your telephone number
  • Your college major Display

‘Welcome to your personal information data collection program. It would be my honor to collect your personal data and use it at my discretion. Now, if you onto mind, I would love for you to simply enter your data when prompted.

Thank you so much. ” Display ‘What might your name be? ” Input surname Display M/hat a nice name you have, “, surname, ” now where might your address be? ” Display “Street: (ex: 12345 What SST. )” Input seersucker’s Display “Now the city: (ex: Hostilely) Input seersucker Display “Now how about your state? (ex: IN) Input caretakers Display “Now I’d like your zip-code please. (ex: 54321)” Input seersucker Display “Just for fun, how about you give me your phone number too. Area code first, please.

I’d like this to be accurate when I spread your information to all of those annoying telemarketers out there. (ex:(123)456-7890) Input suckering Display “Alright, last bit of info. Just need your college major and you are free to go. ” Input crackerjacks Display “Thank you for all of your time. I hope to have you talking to a million people you don’t want to answer the phone for soon. Have a pleasant day. ” From the Programmer, understand that I would need to take this type of program much more seriously f I were to be putting together something for a client. Eave had a good run of the college recruiter phone calls lately stemmed from the misfortune of trying to look for scholarships. Unfortunately I decided to take it out on this program assignment. My hope is that you will have just as much of a laugh over it as I have and that you find it to fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

Total Purchase

A customer in a store is purchasing five items. Design a program that asks for the price of each item, and then displays the subtotal of the sale, the amount of sales ax, and the total.

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