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Assignment Water Park

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I definitely understand a family vacation and how important it can be but when it comes to Hal and Lois’ decision to get a babysitter for Dewey no matter what, goes not matter who it is as long as we can go on our vacation mind frame is horrible and I do not see any type of integrity in this part of the episode. Your children whether there are 6 months or 10 years are put in our care and custody and we are their parents and should put their well-being above everything else.

Now if I am looking for a babysitter for my kid so the rest of the family can still go on their trip, I would be checking with family or close friends not just anyone.

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Then again it is a family vacation, I think if my youngest or any of the kids were kick I would have to change it to another day. I would not feel right going to the water park family vacation and leave any of the kids home.

In the episode you have Hall’s decision to sneak in the rum so that he and his wife could re-do a missed chance of the two getting away back in the day. The decision these two parents make and I am not saying I am a perfect parent but these decisions are horrible and do not show any type of integrity.

In connection to Hal bringing the rum into the water park, Hal and Lois take it further by trying to get some quality time in for themselves and concentrate completely on homeless and let their children run around the water park all by themselves with no supervision, another horrible parent decision in my book. The attendant at the top of the water slide was not on par either, unfortunately this is to some point the way they apply themselves at the parks. The employees at these parks do not make much and usually do not want to be there so a lot of time they are not interesting people’s complete safety.

I was at a water park with my family, the attendant at the bottom of one of the water slide told me could not wait at the bottom of the slide where my 2 year old was coming down, he almost fell off the raft when it hit the water and fell off because the attendant was not paying attention so from that point on, to me it did not matter what the attendants said because they were not worried about my son’s safety, so basically it was let me catch him or face the issue of me going to the people in charge.

Course as I am writing this I am thinking maybe I should have so it did not happen to someone else, again I am not perfect either but I do watch my kids. When it comes to integrity in Francis and Spangle’s decision to play badly so that they lose the game of pool, I would have to say I do not find integrity in his situation either, they are basically lying, definitely not being truthful in this circumstance. I can understand losing on purpose, I do it sometimes so my kids think they have won but not with someone my age or someone older.

Usually people play to win. This event is horrible and would be very scary if anything like ever really happened. I find it completely disconcerting, imagine coming home from the family vacation at the water park to find your home empty, you had found a babysitter at any cost, have no clue where anyone is then find out at some that the babysitter is in the hospital and no one, absolutely no one took the accessibility to make sure your child was safe and being looked after.

This all still comes back on the parent’s bad decision in the first place, they should have never of went on the family vacation to the water park without all of the kids. I do not know that the neighbors would know but the emergency medical technicians should have made sure the child was okay. In conclusion, I think this show has some horrible parenting and the decisions the parents made as to how they handled their children were not very good. I have watched a few episodes and found this to be true in most of the episodes.

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