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Surviving a Night of Babysitting

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Surviving a Night of Babysitting Babysitting is what one makes of it. A night of babysitting does not have to be full of kicking, screaming, or boredom. Different children act differently toward babysitters. Patience is key. The child is most likely to react similar to the adult’s behavior toward him or her. Interaction is mandatory. Children long for attention and the night goes much more smoothly when children are stimulated properly. First, the babysitter needs to learn who the child is; also, make the child aware of whom their babysitter is.

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Surviving a Night of Babysitting
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A child who normally kicks, screams, and acts out is a child searching for true attention and interaction. Children of different ages have different concerns and attitudes about a babysitter. The babysitter decides whether the night ends with the child requesting an encore or requesting a different babysitter. Many children will be stubborn due to the overall situation of the presence of a babysitter or even the absence of their parents or guardians.

In the case of an adolescent, the babysitter can assure him or her of appropriate treatment in regard to the age.

With a younger child, use comfort. A babysitter should assure the child, in whatever way possible, of their interest in them and what they like to do! Next, the sitter must practice patience. If the babysitter is impatient and resentful of the child or the situation, they babysitter, will most likely, receive the same attitude from the child as a form of retaliation. Accept that children are going to make mistakes. Their behavior tends to reflect their upbringing. Therefore, it is suggested and very important, the babysitter does not overreact. Take into consideration, even adults make mistakes.

Do not expect the same behavior an adult portrays, from a child. The mistake the child usually makes should be minimal, anyway, if the babysitter is paying attention. The babysitter may even acquire some respect from the child for handling their mistake so patiently. Finally and most importantly, the babysitter and child’s interaction is mandatory if a pleasant night is desired. To make the night fun for the child, as well as the babysitter, suggestions can be asked of the child on what they would enjoy. If it is appropriate, do not hesitate; this may break the ice between the two persons.

If there is still a problem choosing something to entertain, the babysitter should also have a few ideas in mind. Remember, trying something new may be a challenge but can never hurt. Holding the child’s attention is very important. A person-to-person interaction is much more enjoyable, to most children, than just the interaction between a remote and the television. Very importantly, a babysitter must not bring their personal issues into the child’s environment. Children can sense when something is wrong and this could upset them or make them feel uncomfortable. Focus should be limited to the child.

If a person really pays attention, they will notice most messes are minimal as long as the babysitter is focused on the right person. From personal experience, the basics of a babysitting experience have been clearly communicated. All should be considered in a babysitting experience. Babysitting can be fun, especially when the babysitter enjoys it also. Surviving babysitting is easy. The majority that is asked of a babysitter is patience, interaction, needs (of course), and an optional amount of imagination. Continue to check on and show interest in the child after the experience. A “babysitter” can change a life.

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