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How to Survive a Night of Babysitting

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Whether you really like kids, or you’re in it for the money, babysitting can be tough. Children of all ages can be demanding if you aren’t prepared. You can have different experiences while babysitting. You can easily run out of energy before bedtime or you could find yourself comforting the child who misses their parent(s). Here are some tips to help you survive your night of babysitting. You should always wear play clothes. You can’t chase around a toddler in a skirt, so make sure your wearing comfortable jeans or shorts.

If you plan to go outside wear a pair of sneakers so you can run around with them.

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How to Survive a Night of Babysitting
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Make sure you interact with the child. If you think you can just sit around on your phone while the seven year old plays all alone by him(her)self your wrong. Either the child will tell their parent that you sat on your phone the whole night, or they will jump on you till you give in and play with them.

Get on the child’s good side. Make them know you’re their friend but you can tell them what to do. They already have parents to be the bad guys. Make everything an adventure. If there are things the child doesn’t like to do, find a way to make it an adventure.

If you have to give them a bath, let them play with toys or draw the shower curtain to make it look like a cave. Be creative and it makes the tough stuff a lot faster and easier. Besides if they like you they will tell their parents that they want you to come back. Bring a bag of toys. They will probably already have toys at their house but it’s always more fun when its new toys. You can choose to bring action figures or a coloring book which is a quieter option. If the parent has given you permission you can bring a box of cake mix so the child can help you create a delicious treat for their parents.

The process is organized entertainment that creates a yummy result. Just make sure you clean up everything when you’re done. If the child is older they may want to go online. With their parents’ permission you can show the child new activities their parents would approve of. Consider an educated option that involves math games or online flash cards. Make sure they are having fun, even allow the children to show you some interesting games they know of. Always stay near the phone. Before the parent leaves make sure to exchange phone numbers. Parents like to call and checkup so make sure you’re always near a phone.

Consider clipping it to your belt or pocket to have one close at hand. If you miss a call it always scares the parent so make sure you can hear it. Relax and clean up. When you do get the children to bed at last you can relax and enjoy your break. But first, make sure to hop up and pick up any messes so you’re sure you are invited back. Keep an ear on the child though because usually at this time they’ll start to miss their parents. If that happens just tell them they’re coming home soon, make them feel safe. They will fall asleep soon after due to all the running around and fun they’ve had.

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