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My contract of employment sets out what is expected of me as an employee. It states the following:- Name Contracted hours Employment start date Job title Line Manager Place of work Rate of pay Collective agreements Annual leave and public bank holidays entitlement. Details of public bank holidays Information about pay and receiving paisleys Sickness pay and conditions Capability and disciplinary procedures Capability and disciplinary appeal procedures Grievance procedure Confidentiality Compatibility Notice of termination to be given by employer Notice of termination to be given by employee

Pay in lieu of notice Pension and pension scheme Sign by employer and employee Paisleys need to state the following information:- Employee name Company name Description of hours worked e. G. Nightshirt, training, on call, bank holiday, annual leave pay, sick pay, maternity pay etc Rate of pay Hours worked National Insurance number Tax payments National Insurance payments Gross pay NET pay Tax code Employee number Payment period Payment method 1. You must inform your employer if you change your name 2.

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Change of address Bib To raise a grievance, employees will need to follow the company grievance procedure. You would first raise the matter with your Line Manager, fully explaining the nature and extent of your grievance. You would then be invited to a meeting at a reasonable time and location at which your grievance will be investigated fully. You must take all reasonable steps to attend this meeting. You will be notified of the decision, in writing, normally within ten working days of the meeting, including your right of appeal.

If you wish to appeal you must inform a Director within five working days. You will then be invited to a further meeting, which you must take all reasonable steps to tend. As far as reasonably practicable, the organization will be represented by a more senior manager than attended the first meeting (unless the most senior manager attended that meeting). Following the appeal meeting you will be informed of the final decision, normally within ten working days, which will be confirmed in writing. 1. Data Protection Employers and employees must adhere to the company confidentiality policy.

The duty of confidence is conferred by common law, statute, contract of employment, disciplinary codes and policies (of which this is one) and professional registration. This includes the data protection act and the national care standards. Personal information should be stored securely and kept confidential. My employer has set out the following rules for storing and processing data: Anyone processing personal data must comply with the eight enforceable principles of good practice [set out in detail in schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act].

They say that data must be fair and lawfully processed; processed for limited purposes and not for any manner incompatible with those purposes; adequate, relevant and not excessive; accurate; not kept for longer than is necessary; recessed in line with the data subject’s rights; secure; not transferred to countries without adequate data protection. / 2. Grievance 3. Conflict Management There are many things that I do that contribute to the overall delivery of the service provider, for example:- Providing care to the best of my ability to the service users.

Communicating effectively with service users, colleagues, families of service users, professionals and management. This helps me have a better understanding of the service user. It also promotes teamwork. It is important to communicate with families, for example, letting them know about any appointments, so they are kept up to date with any issues and have peace of mind that their relative is receiving the support they need. Being involved and understanding service users day to day activities and personal needs.

It is important to get to know service users and gain their trust so you can provide the best possible support. It is important that I am familiar with the service users Support Plans and Risk Assessments to ensure I can provide the correct and safest care. I communicate any changes that I think need to be made. Keep records accurate and up to date – this is extremely important. Everything must be logged and easy to understand. I make sure that all financial records are accurate, receipts are kept and any discrepancies are reported and looked into.

I make sure I am familiar with my employers Policies and Procedures. This helps to fulfill my job role and what to do if I have a concern about a service user. Vii a) As a guidance to follow the best practice, I use the Codes of Practice and Care Quality Commission s outcomes from which I can learn more to improve my practice. Every time I care for a service user, my goal is to provide a high standard f support or to make all the effort to do it even when is not possible. I try to make a difference for the service user, using person-centered approach care.

I learn from any mistakes and ensure that they are not repeated. I work closely with my colleagues as everyone has a different way of working and we can learn a lot from each other. I am familiar with my employers Policies and Procedures so I am aware of what my employer expects of me in my job role. I take on board any feedback, positive or negative, as this helps me develop and improve myself as a Support Worker. I work to the best of my ability and work as a team so that I represent my employer and deliver a high standard service. ) If I fail to carry out the requirements of my role, this then means I am not providing the quality of support that is expected from me, which will then have a negative effect on the service user am supporting, and also my colleagues, as it puts pressure on them. Viii National factors such as Codes of Practice, National Occupational Standards, Legislation and Government Initiatives give you guidance, standards and rules to follow in your work practice. Legislation tells you what you must/must not do.

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