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At home or abroad

It’s a trend that more and more Chinese college graduates choose to go abroad for further education. Some may argue that going abroad can bring a brand new vision to them, which is helpful to their future career. However, as for me, due to the risks going abroad can bring and the pressure to withstand, I believe staying at home after graduation from Tsinghua will be a better decision.
As we all know, a person’s career is often gradually built through his own networking, and I can definitely take advantage of my fledging networking if I stay in China and eventually benefit from it.

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Everyone I got to know in high school, college, and community will form the precious networking. Thanks to their own distinctive careers, a wide variety of information and resources will come to me and then exert influence on different aspects of my career. There’ll always be familiar and friendly faces around me if I’m in China, while going abroad means leaving everything behind.

I’ll have to start a new networking in the remote place from home, which won’t be very easy because of my foreigner identity.
What’s more, nostalgic emotions might stand in my way of promoting abroad. Going to a new place, I’ll experience many waves of homesick. It’ll have to take a while before I adjust to the new life, and it’ll actually take a longer time if I want to readjust to my life in China. Language, business manners, cultural differences…any one of them can jeopardize my opportunities. Why should I go abroad and start anew when I’m happy with what I’ve got?
I admit it’s a good idea to go abroad at some points to experience a new way of life and ideas, but we cannot disregard the fact that since the reform and opening-up, China has been embracing the globalization to a great extent, not to mention that our motherland has become the second-largest economy in the world. That’s why I think there are plenty of global opportunities and we can easily broaden our horizons here. So I.

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