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The author of the passage was forced to move from their childhood home at the age of ten. They found it difficult to leave behind the friends and familiar surroundings they had grown up with. The new neighborhood was not as safe, and the author experienced break-ins and thefts. They still feel sad that they won’t see their mom grow old in their old home, where they have many pleasant memories including the last time they saw their grandma. The author reflects on the notion that a home is more of a checkpoint in life and that taking risks is worth it. The experience has left the author wondering what is to come next.

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I was ripped from the home I grew up in. It can be hard for kids to move. I think it was tough for me because I had to leave my friends, my safe place, and the home I grew up in. At the age of ten, I moved to a new house. It was disappointing because I had to leave the friends I grew up with behind. We would play together every day, but the day I told them I had to move, we all sulked around. My mom was in a very good mood, but every time she looked at me I couldn’t help but cry because I was leaving my friends behind.

The move to the new house was pretty scary. I didn’t know anyone around, and I felt like it wasn’t safe. My neighborhood is not the best. Since I have moved, there have been multiple break-ins and thefts around my house, including mine. I still get scared, which makes me feel like my old house was a safer place. I always thought that I would live in the place I grew up in until I was eighteen. It never happened, and I still don’t like the thought that I won’t see my mom grow old in that house.

Although my memories are pleasant, they can still make me sad. My old home was the first and last spot I had seen my grandma which makes me miss her all the time. From my point of view, the new house can’t bring as many memories as the one I grew up in. I have figured out that it’s not just a location, but more of a checkpoint through the adventure that is life. Also it’s nice to feel safe, but glory usually takes risks. The experience leaves me wondering what will come next.

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