Attractions Of Jaipur Tourism: “The Pink City”

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Jaipur, ‘The Pink City ‘ is a major tourer Centre of the state. The metropolis is packed with many attractive forces like beautiful and glorious garrisons, universe celebrated theaters, gorgeous temples and many more. As a tourer you will be awestruck with the beauty of the memorials in the metropolis. Flamboyant and vibrant bazars bustle with attractive material.

Jaipur is legendary for its gemstone and gilded jewellery work, cloths, and ‘jutis or mozaries ‘ ( traditional footwear ) that possess quality are certainly a cache for the shoppers. An chance to take along ‘the glorification of the metropolis ‘ as a keepsake of the visit is so astonishing. You will wish to revisit the metropolis to research its beauty and machination to the fullest. Feel the magnificence of the Maharajas who lived in such brilliant garrisons and castles

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Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II invoked the craftsmans from all over the universe and facilitated them with all the things they required, to assist in making the alien metropolis of beautiful architecture as Jaipur. Today, Jaipur is a hub for rich nuptials finishs. Royal nuptialss are organized here. Exquisite finishs are specially designed for matrimonies, and offer an experience of one of its sort. Jaipur ‘s garrisons, memorials, and museums can be read about farther. The temple of Sun God at Galta, Amber garrison, Vidyadhar ‘s Garden, City castle, Sisodia Rani Palace, and Sanganer are some of the keen attractive forces that metropolis comprises.


Distance from the metropolis centre: 10km

Built in: 1592


Admission: Citizen INR 10/ Foreigner: INR 50

Photography charges: Citizen/foreigner: Rs 40/25

Video charges: Citizen/foreigner: Rs 100/150 but it includes all the three charges ( entryway, still camera and picture camera fee ) .

Timings: 1000 to 1600 hours

Forte: Sheesh Mahal, Diwan-e-am


Distance from the metropolis centre: Situated at metropolis centre

Built in: 19th century

Charges: Indians Rs. 35.00 and for aliens Rs.150.00 inclusive of entry to Jaigarh garrison

Timings: 930 to 1645 hour.

Forte: Temple, Chandra Mahal, Govind Devji, Diwan-e-am


Distance from metropolis centre: 15 kilometer

Built in: 1734

Charges: Rs. 15 for Indians, Rs. 20 for Foreigners, 30/70 for Camera/Video

Entrance Fees for Indian Citizen Rs. 10.00, Foreign Citizen Rs. 80.00, Indian Students Rs. 2.00,

Vehicle Entrance Fees ( Bus charges Rs. 100.00 Gypsy/Car/Jeep/Mini Bus Rs. 65.00 and Motorized two Wheeler Rs.10.00

Timings: 1000 to 1700 hour

Forte: Madhavendra Bhawan, metropolis position from top of the garrison.


Distance from the metropolis centre: 15 kilometer

Built in: 1726

Charges: Rs. 15.00 for Indians & A ; Rs. 20.00 for aliens

Timings: 1000 to 1845 hour

Forte: Collection of Ammunition, Worlds largest Canon


The Maharajas and their royal households, the castles where they lived are so keen that today, the metropolis has become popular because of them. Initially, the foundation of the metropolis was placed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the laminitis and the swayer.

Amber garrison was designed maintaining in position his desires. He established his land strongly which effected the augmentation of the metropolis. However, Jaipur was born as a topographic point for the turning population and was made the capital. The swayer planned the architecture of the metropolis majorly sing the security of the metropolis. The munificent castle for the abode of the male monarch was built ‘The City Palace ‘ and the remainder is history. The celebrated garrisons of the metropolis have been enlightened further.


The garrison was built for the abode of the Maharaja & A ; the royal household which today, stands as a memorial to us. Amber was the capital of the Kachhwaha kin. And it is sited 10 kilometer from Jaipur metropolis. It was the abode of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The garrison was established maintaining in position the desires of the swayer.

Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khaas, Ganesh Pol, Jaleb Chowk, Singh Pol, Jai Mandir, Yash Mandir, Sukh Mandir, Sheesh Mahal ( hall of mirrors ) , Suhag Mandir, Shila Devi temple, Bhool Bhulaiya, and Zanana Dyodhi ( adult females ‘s flats ) are major attractive forces of the castle. This amazing garrison was accomplished in two centuries by consistency attempts of three attendant male monarchs following Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Amongst all Sheesh Mahal is legendary, mirror work done is so inimitable, and it is so artistically set that even a bantam beam usage to make full the hall with visible radiation. Maotha Lake adds a appeal to the Royal Palace.


The City Palace is the contemporary abode of the current Maharaja of Jaipur, His Highness, Sawai Bhawani Singh Bahadur. It is besides apparent of the life spent by Late Raj Mata Gayatri Devi ( Queen of Jaipur ) .

The castle was created utilizing a combination of the Mughal and Rajasthani architecture. Mubarak Mahal, Shri Govind Devji Temple, Badal Mahal, Chandra Mahal, and the City Palace Museum are so appealing. This keen castle was built in the sovereignty of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II ( 1699-1744 ) .

Beautifully carved two elephants welcome at the entryway, ‘The Mubarak Mahal ‘ appears foremost from the entryway. It is built by Maharaja Madho Singh II in 19th century. Further it is escorted by the Diwan-E-Khaas. It is an unfastened hall besides known as ‘Hall of private audience ‘ , with two immense Ag vass on show. These vass viz. ‘Gangajali ‘ ( bearer of H2O from holy Ganges ) have been documented in Guinness book of World Records for their size. Ensure that you must see Diwan-E-Aam. Actually the hall was meant for the populace. Chandra Mahal athleticss keen pictures, mirror work, and lovely flowered ornaments.

The temple of Govind DevJi is renowned for its construction, and is besides recorded in Guinness Book of World Records for the Best Concrete Structure award. An country of 15,827 sq. pess was roofed up at a tallness of 119 pess which rests on four peripheral beams ; the temple can set up 5000 people at a clip. A show of astonishing architecture!


An amazing castle, constructed during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The Nahargarh Fort was built utilizing a combination of the Indian and European manner of architecture for abode and security. Nahargarh is situated at a tallness of approx 700 pess, and is approximately 15 kilometers off from metropolis. The garrison was established in 1734, and besides known as Tiger Fort. It is one of the first three garrisons of Jaipur. The name Nahargarh even carries a history with itself. Precisely, it was named after a dead Rathore prince named Nahar Singh. The garrison is situated at the top of Aravali scope of hills. The garrison was made to continue the metropolis, along with Amber and Jaigarh Fort. With a breathtaking position from the garrison, the Man Sagar Lake looks astonishing and the sight of the metropolis is colossal from the top of the garrison. It comes alive in the dark with beautiful visible radiations environing it.


The lone garrison in the universe that encompasses universe ‘s largest cannon on wheels “ Jai Ban ” . Jaigarh is crowned as ‘Fort of Victory ‘ , constructed by Sawai Jai Singh II and Mirza Raja Jai Singh in 1726. It stands at a tallness of about 500 pess on the top of the hill named as Cheel ka Teela or Hill of Eagles. The garrison is on walking distance from Amber.

The major attractive force of the garrison is “ Jai Ban ” the celebrated cannon, it was assembled during the sovereignty of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II ( 1699-1743 ) . With a diameter of 11 inches, its 20 pess and 2 inches long barrel weighs 50 tons.A The perimeter near the tip of the barrel is 7 pess 4 inches and that of the dorsum is 9 pess 4 inches.A The flowered design on the barrel, an elephant on the tip of the barrel and a brace of Inachis ios is carved in the Centre, a brace of ducks decorates the barrel ‘s posterior.

Built in 1691 A.D “Bajrang Ban ” is other esteemed cannon. It is attractively bedecked with mahimahis and is stored in metalworks of Jai garh. It was that bulky that it engaged 30 two cattle ‘s to drive it to the battleground. Celebrated Shri Ram Hari Har Temple in the garrison has two large graven images of Lord Shri Ram and Hari-Har. The graven image of Lord Shri Ram has four faces picturing assorted embodiments of Lord Vishnu which are Lion, Boar, Tortoise and Fish. The temple was concluded in 1940 A.D under the dynasty of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The gardens, the castles, the old H2O harvest home system, the reservoirs, armoury, gun metalworks, museum and temples all are appealing. Garrisons besides contain the royal Laxmi Vilas, the Dining Hall for Gents, the Dining Hall of Royal Ladies, and Lalit Mandir ( summer castle ) .


Jaipur is celebrated for its memorials, gorgeous garrisons, and great observatories. Hawa Mahal, the universe celebrated castle is recognized as “Palace of Winds ” . This beautiful memorial gaining controls so many beautiful positions from the skyline to the hustle-bustle of the bazar at the pes of the mahal. Almost whole of the metropolis can be viewed without being noticed from the top of the castle.

Gaitore is the royal crematory for the swayers of Jaipur. The chattris ( empty tomb ) were built in regard of every bygone swayer ‘s psyche and are attractively carved. Most of all, the Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II ‘s empty tomb is brilliant. Gaitore besides contains cenotaphs built in the recollection of the Maharanis excessively.


One of the most brilliant castles, Jal Mahal is besides recognized as the Water Palace. Built in 1799, Jal Mahal Palace was built in Man Sagar Lake enclosed by the Nahargarh Hills. The castle was one time used for the imperial duck hiting parties. The first four floors of Jal Mahal are under H2O and merely the top floor is higher than the H2O degree.

Jal Mahal is on the manner to Amber, at a distance of about 6.5 kilometers from the metropolis. It looks so olympian and romantic in dark, where the beauty of the castle is enhanced with colourful visible radiations installed. The mirror image of the castle in the lake, gives it a bird’s-eye position. The lake environment is even a preferable place of a figure of migratory and occupant birds excessively.


Jantar Mantar is one of the finest memorials and striking creative activities by uranologists and architectures. It is a digest of architectural astronomical devices which provided accurate astronomical consequences. It has even struck the modern attack of scientific discipline. Jantar Mantar is the most well-known observatories amongst all the edifices formed during the sovereignty of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.

The observatory show windows two Ram Yantras incorporating the largest rock of the universe and is alone in their isolation. The passion of the male monarch resulted in the creative activity of such great observatory. These instruments were used to read and map the heavenly motions of configurations and stars.

This astonishing observatory was constructed in 18th century utilizing ruddy rock and marble. Its complex instruments, the scenes, and the forms are accurately designed. All the characteristics make this memorial so alone, and it is the sole in the universe. The timings to visit are 0900 to 1630 hour with an entry fee of Rs. 10.00


A beautiful and royal creative activity on show, this elect regal edifice is renowned for its royalty and architecture. Its 152 Windowss are arranged in a mode that the castle is besides known as ‘Palace of Winds ‘ . The construct behind the creative activity was to allow the royal ladies watch the emanations go throughing through the streets below, unnoticed by foreigners.

Built during the imperium of Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, this edifice consist five narratives. It is a semi-octagonal windowed edifice. Each floor of the edifice is carved with graceful rock and beautiful Jaalee ‘s and Jharokha ‘s ( Windowss ) which enhances it to an excess ordinary ticker to the expansive yesteryear. “Jaipur Past and Present ” is another museum which is a lesser signifier of an archeological museum is an added star into the tourer topographic point list.The timings to see the museum are 10.00 to 16.30 hour, and the entry fee is Rs. 5.00, camera Rs 50.

As you will continue from Hawa Mahal and make the back-side of the memorial, you can see the Govind Devji Temple and so the City Palace situated close to each other. Each building is legendary, all the memorials are arranged in such a mode that they can ease easy range to the swayer.

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II lived in City Palace. So, Jantar Mantar was made at a distance that the male monarch could see the existent clip as he gets up in the forenoon. Subsequently, the male monarch wants to see the temple, so his desire turned in the signifier of Govind Devji Temple. It offered the king a convenient position of the temple graven images from the castle itself.


This mesmerizing memorial was fabricated for the intent of cremation of the Royal organic structures. Each Chhatri is created in the memory of the Kings and Princes. About 15 Km off from Jaipur, this memorial is situated on Jaipur Amber Highway. Gaitore is considered to be the Hindi phrase `Gaye ka Thor` confirming `resting topographic point of the bygone souls` .

The empty tomb are attractively carved in typical signifiers. Good quality of marble and ruddy rock is carved in such a mode that every chhatri or empty tomb is sole and diverse from others. The chief attractive force amongst all of them is the 1 that was made for Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.


Museums are a great topographic point of collection of art and trade specimens of the historical times. Jaipur has so many museums that hold up a immense aggregation of things that likely remained unobserved. The Central Museum is the 1 that is under the Government. It houses about 19000 objects all together related to the rare old times. This topographic point is a forte of the metropolis with architecture of the edifice, offering a great position. Museum ‘s carving is done following the Indo-Sarcenic technique of architecture. Another museum is the Dolls Museum of the metropolis. It consists of a tremendous digest of dolls from all over the universe.

Central Museum

Central museum is besides known as ‘Albert museum ‘ or ‘Government Central Museum ‘ . This is the oldest museum of the metropolis and was constructed in 1876 beneath the bid of Lt. Swinton Jacob. Initially the edifice was a town hall. But on the order of Maharaja Madho Singh it was transformed into an art museum.

The museum is positioned in the Ramnivas Gardens. The mixture, every bit good as the edifice is a sight to lay eyes on, with the pillars, the courtyards, and the arches worth seeing. This premium museum was created in 19th century. The museum comprises historic objects related to metal art, weaponries, furniture, arms, tiger knives, hilts, blades, armour, and shields. Included are stickers, international art, the Egyptian aggregation, an Egyptian ma, Nipponese clayware, rock sculptures, handguns, clayware aggregation and six-guns. Furthermore, chillums, musicali, illumination pictures, sculptures, ivory carvings, wood work, jewellery, rugs, lacquer work, and many more beautiful artefacts.

City Palace Museum

Built in the nineteenth century, during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the City Palace has several subdivisions to see. A great aggregation has been arranged in the museum with chiefly three sections. It consists of the fabric, weaponries, and art museum.

The fabric museum has a huge aggregation of the costumes and decorations that were worn by the royal household members. The frocks were made of silk largely. The weaponries museum consists of all the weaponries & A ; ammos used in the medieval epoch. From the smallest to the largest, all of them are on show.

One can easy travel back to the yesteryear by the position they offer with a huge assortment of blades, stickers, knives, guns, and many more. The art aggregation is such that one can experience delighted with beautiful pictures, bluish clayware, rugs, and other attractive forces. Worth watching are temples, the castle itself, the Mubarak Mahal, the gardens, Chandra Mahal, Badal Mahal, etc. This castle is one of the major attractive forces of Jaipur.

Dolls Museum

The museum comprises of dolls from assorted parts of the state every bit good as international dolls. The museum is placed at a distance of 4 kilometer from the metropolis Centre, and was build in 1974, and. Dolls of diverse garbs look glorious. Dolls in nuptial frocks of different provinces look colourful & A ; beautiful. The Indian aggregation comprises of dolls in garbs of classical dance signifiers such as Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and excessively.

The aggregations of international dolls showcase national frocks of states like USA, Mexico, and Sweden. The show besides contains dolls that are dressed in nuptial costumes of different states. The digest consists of some other art signifiers excessively, like pictures, woodwork, clayware, sculpture, metal objects, etc.

Preferable Timings: 1000 to 1600 hour

Entry Fee: 2 Rs.


This beautiful metropolis has several castles, memorials, garrisons, hotels, museums, gardens and tonss more. One of the gems of the metropolis is the Zoo, or Zoological Garden, located in Ram Niwas Bagh ( garden ) . The garden was built in 1868 by Sawai Raja Pratap Singh, for the intent of drought alleviation. As per the records, it cost a immense sum four hundred thousand to make this historical garden, at that clip.

The zoological garden consists of such major attractive forces for the metropolis incorporating the menagerie, the Albert Hall, the Museum, the zoological park, athleticss composite, etc.

The menagerie was built in 1886, during the reign of Sawai Ram Singh II. It is at a walking distance from Albert Hall. The menagerie is divided into two parts. One consists of the carnal menagerie and the other remains as bird ‘s menagerie. A great topographic point for childs and people who love animate beings and wild life, it contains a aggregation of 71 assortments of zoology which are on show for visitants.

The bird aggregation include parrots, ducks, Inachis ios, white Inachis ios, geese, pheasants, storks, swans, love birds and tonss many more. The menagerie holds a large aggregation of rare animate beings and varied works. It is besides renowned for its crocodile genteelness.

Preferable Timings: 0830 to 1730 hour ( closed on Tuesdays )

Entry fee- Indians Rs. 10/- , aliens Rs. 100/- kids blow 5 old ages free


This beautiful metropolis celebrates every juncture with enthusiasm, with brilliant colourss and visible radiations. Jaipur has been apparent for some of the keen nuptialss of the universe. The metropolis is to the full loaded for jubilations, beautiful locations, great agreements, and many other things. This metropolis has been a Eden on Earth to observe the merger of two psyches bound for a life-time. Some of the resorts and hotels prepare themselves for every demand with the luxuries provided to the invitees every bit imperial as royal. The traditions of the metropolis flow in the blood of Jaipur people. The culinary art in fact is antic. Few of the astonishing topographic points as royal nuptials locales are:

  • Jai Mahal Palace
  • Ram Bagh Palace by Taj Group
  • Oberoi Raj Vilas
  • Samode Haveli
  • Khasa Kothi
  • Narain Niwas Palace
  • Samode Palace
  • Cambay Spa & A ; resort
  • Hotel Le Meridien
  • Hotel Rajputana Sheraton


Jaipur does non consist so many natural lakes as it belongs to a desert province. But there have been tonss of attractive forces for people who love to bask their yearss in propinquity with nature. One of the major attractive forces of the royalty of male monarchs is that they have been constructing all the things they are fascinated with. The biggest illustration of this is the Ramgarh Lake situated at a distance of about 25 kilometers from Jaipur. This is the celebrated manmade lake which is a great attractive force for the visitants. This is the topographic point where the male monarch stayed before making Amber. There are garrisons and temples that are heightening the beauty of the topographic point, and the royal architecture attracts the eyes of the visitants. The other lake near to Jaipur is the Sambhar Lake. It is a treasure lake sourcing us from old ages with salt. The celebrated SA?mbhar Lake is the largest saline lake of India.


Pink City is a hoarded wealth for all sort of events that can be enjoyed in vacations. For nature lovers a beautiful lake is situated at a distance of about 25 kilometers from Jaipur. The lake offers assorted activities like yachting, fishing, and trekking. The best clip to see the lake is in winter season get downing form October and traveling till March. The beauty of the lake is in its full signifier during Monsoons, the verdure attract every visitant. Prior poignant to Amber the Kachhawaha ‘s established at Ramgarh, and the temple of Jamwa mata is the biggest grounds. The temple is really beautiful and the architecture is so royal, white temple gives an outstanding expression to the lake. The length of this beautiful lake is 4 kilometer and is 2 kilometer in breadth. Boating can be enjoyed in this immense manmade lake during the clip period of October to June, trekking on the mountains besides is available. The lake is place for inhabitant and drifting birds, assorted species of birds can be observed here. The lake offers a perfect topographic point for nature lovers.


Jaipur is really fortunate to be associated to such a large beginning of Salt. As we all our now accustomed of salt, we must thank God for supplying us such great beginning of salt, imagine if there was scarceness of salt? The Sambhar Lake is renowned resource of salt that has been supplying salt from so many old ages. This is the largest saline lake of India ( length 22.5 kilometer ) , situated at a distance of 60km from Jaipur. A little town named sambhar is situated on Jaipur Ajmer arteria ; the name sambhar means ‘salt ‘ . As a tourer you can acquire this chance to see such a legendary topographic point and look up to its beauty. This lake even offers a preferable place for a figure of migratory and occupant birds, Storks, pelicans, Tringa totanuss, sandpipers, black-winged piles, etc. The wildlife lovers can adore these beauties!


The Royal Kings have been fond of runing ; these desires of the male monarchs were taken attention by the evidences that were specially designed. The Ranthambore National Park was ab initio a land that was used for the runing games of the Kings. It was so taken under the Undertaking of salvaging Tigers, and so eventually it was declared as a National Park. Today these shelters are assisting a batch in salvaging the endangered species. The other park viz. Sariska National Park is about 107 Km from Jaipur and is functioning with the same slogan of salvaging the rare species of animate beings and birds. These Parkss non merely function the motivation of salvaging Lttes but besides maintain a broad scope of Flaura & A ; Fauna.


This topographic point can excite your senses ; the park offers a position of the ‘King of jungle ‘ in its natural milieus. This park was ab initio a hunting land for the Maharaja ( King ) ; it was so taken under by ‘project tiger ‘ in 1972. The park is located about 145 kilometers from Jaipur near a town named Sawai Madhopur. The park besides consist a garrison that is situated on the hill top known as Ranthambore Fort. In the twelvemonth 1980 this runing land of the King took the form of National Park. Best clip to see at the Ranthambore National park is Oct to June.

The park is holding a huge country of 400 kilometers ( approx ) and is salvaging the wildlife in a really good mode. The park is surrounded with hills of Aravali ‘s and Vindya ranges. The park has maintained a broad scope of wildlife ; so many animate beings can be seen in their native environment. Lttes, Jaguars, Jackals, Crocodiles, Mongoose, Hyenas, Foxes and so many more wild animate beings like Sambhar, Sloth, Lizards, Leopards, etc all are being conserved here.

There are about 30 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams in the park. The park besides consists of a good aggregation of Flora and Fauna. As per the records the park is holding more than 300 genuses of birds & A ; Plants. A beautiful scope of migrating birds can besides be seen along with the occupant birds. Assortment of Storks, black bird of Jove, crashed hawk bird of Jove, parrakeets, bird of Juno ‘s, doves, etc. are some resident birds whereas gray slowdown goose, rubicund shelduck and pin-tailed ducks are few assortments of migratory birds. A wildlife lover can experience mesmerized by being a portion of such a beauty.


Sariska National park is about 107 kilometers from Jaipur, the park is spread in a huge country of about 800 Km. The major attractive force of the park are the celebrated Bengal Tigers, there are about 35 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams here. This park is positioned at Aravali Range ‘s northern portion. Sariska National Park was acknowledged as sanctuary in 1955, whereas after coming beneath undertaking tiger it eventually became a National Park in the twelvemonth 1982. Lttes, Jaguars, Civets, Jackals, Caracal, Sambar, Chital, Hare, Nilgai, Hyenas, Porcupines, Chowsingha ( four horned antelope ) , Leopards, Rhesus, Wild Boar and Langoor can be found in their natural home ground.

The park has besides reserved some rare species of Flora & A ; Fauna ; the assortment of vegetations includes Peafowl ‘s, Partridge, Quail, Sand grouse, Tree Pie, Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Crested Serpent, Eagle and Great Indian Horned Owl. Various other activities can besides be enjoyed like a thrust around the milieus. There are few temples nearby and a garrison named Kankwadi is worth a sight for the people who love the architecture of the ancient period. The country is still integral from modern universe, as you can even establish the folk over the milieus. Siliserh Lake is yet another attractive force offering nature in its full signifier. The Entry fee for Sariska National Park is Rs 25 per individual. Extra charges have to be paid for cameras ( about Rs 10 ) and vehicles ( Rs 100 for a minibus ; Rs 75 for landrovers and autos ) .


Jaipur the pink metropolis has been renowned for its royal civilization & A ; heritage. These animate beings have been one time a hallmark for the imperiums, and merely beginning of transit during that epoch. Elephants were used for the male monarchs & A ; queens as these were the marks of their royalty, and elsewhere the camels were with the officers of the Royal military personnels of the Royal lands. These beautiful animate beings have been giving their services from decennaries ; today besides these are the portion of the royal ceremonials.

The lands have been demolished now-a-days but the occupation of these animate beings and their proprietors is still go oning as this is the lone beginning of net incomes of these households. They have been now-a-days offering the drives from assorted topographic points. Assorted memorials and resorts offer these drives as the particular attractive force like the Amber Palace, Chowki Dhani ( resort ) , and Dessert Trail ( resort ) , etc. Elephants & A ; camels over here are ornamented with colourful material, and are attractively decorated. One can see the royalty by traveling through the drive!


The metropolis is renowned for so many things, in malice of all the celebrated things and memorials there are few forte of the metropolis. As we discuss about the prosthetic pes, we can travel into the past and see that it was a dream for a physically challenged individual to walk. But these few dreams are such that they changed into world and served the world. Earlier the prosthetic pes was so dearly-won that the people were non able to afford it, but today due to the Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti it is in range of every human being.

The other pride is the Palace on wheels that does non requires any debut. The train is amongst the 10 best trains all over the universe. It offers a universe category experience and a great circuit to the metropolis of royalty. The metropolis developed harmonizing to the clip, it was non excessively far from the Ag screen. Raj Mandir Theatre is one of a sort film hall that is attractively designed ; one can even see to the theater merely to adore its beauty.


Jaipur Foot is renowned, and it has been altering lives of many physically challenged people. Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti has been working for human-centered work from so many old ages. One idea of prosthetic pes has changed the lives of so many households. A individual who is physically challenged suffers along with the household, in about every field of life. Such incapacitated people are being aid by Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti. The Jaipur Foot was been developed in 1968, which was so carried frontward by the Samiti for societal cause, in 1975. This is a societal organisation, it provides all the unreal limbs, wheelchairs, crutches, callipers, ambulatory AIDSs, manus paddled trikes and other AIDSs and contraptions wholly free of charge to the physically challenged people.

The organisation has 16 subdivisions for Limb / Caliper devising, and 9 Permanent Satellite centres. The organisation has done pes fitments in 22 foreign states. The thought of doing Jaipur pes was foremost conceived by Mr. Ram Chandra Sharma who designed and developed the pes and the limb. These limbs are manufactured maintaining in position all the factors, the cost, the flexibleness, this is made with such engineering that it looks about similar natural limb. The limb is so efficient that a individual can walk like a normal individual, sit in a cross legs place, it helps them to travel back to their occupations and can gain for their households. LINK OF THE SITE


Palace on Wheels or we should state Paradise on wheels! ! The train is so keen and beautiful, that its experience is unforgettable. The train offers tour that includes the visits to the heritage and civilization of the royal metropoliss of Rajasthan. The experience is one-of-its-kind as one can see and adore so many diversenesss within few yearss. The Tours to the metropoliss are so sole, that the train itself is a great topographic point to care for. The train offers chance to see the beautiful memorial and topographic points, this is huge. The train started on 26th Jan 1982, and is based wholly on the royal civilization and heritage and so equipped with the latest engineering to carry through the desires of the Guests.

The train departs from New Delhi and during its circuit of eight yearss ; it travels around Rajasthan with arrests at Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittaurgarh, Udaipur, Bharatpur, and Agra. There are 14 good equipped managers in the train which are named after former Rajput provinces. The train is even celebrated for its eating houses viz. ‘The Maharani ‘ and ‘ The Maharaja ‘ that serves all sort of culinary arts specialising in royal Rajasthani culinary arts. This royalty is uncomplete without cordial, the train has a munificent saloon that is stocked nicely, and the sofa inbuilt enhances the installations that are being provided in the train.

Jaipur is the first arrest in the circuit of eight yearss, where the train reaches at Jaipur on 2nd twenty-four hours i.e. on Thursday at 02.00 hour, and departs at 19.30 hour. After finishing the circuit throughout the metropolis that comprises of, the first visit at Hawa Mahal ( Palace of Wind ) , than Amber Fort, after this you are taken to the colorful and lively markets for Shoping and this includes a visit to Rajasthali ( Rajasthan Government ‘s Handicraft Emporium ) . Now it ‘s clip for tiffin that takes topographic point at a Palace Hotel, the circuit continues after tiffin and now the visit is towards the Royal castle that even is abode of the royal households late, the City Palace, and the following halt is Jantar Mantar ( the renowned observatory ) , than you are back to Palace on Wheels and can bask Dinner onboard and the train departs for the following finish.


The metropolis of royalty is following modern tendencies harmonizing to the new coevals. One of the biggest illustrations of it is the Raj Mandir, silver screen on such a large graduated table. The film inaugurated on 1st June 1976, it was premeditated by designer W.M. Namjoshi. The first movie shown in the film was ‘Charas ‘ .

The edifice was designed in modern manner ; the outside of the edifice has been decorated with different forms and visible radiations. The edifice is designed with the idea of excellence ; this is the showplace of the state as it reflects that on its brow merely below its name. The insides of the edifice are even so keen and beautiful, the dazzling pendants, the domes, the anteroom, the flooring, and the lighting gives the theatre an sole expression.

The film is equipped to test 70mm movies, and theatre can suit about 1237 viewing audiences. This is known as the Best film in Asia, and it is counterpart to the Grauman ‘s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. This is for certain that this is the high spot in the circuit to Jaipur, if non interested to see the film one visits to hold a expression of this brilliant hall. The Cinema has maintained the monetary values as of today, the tickets are available in the same format, and the bites available are even low-cost. One can be captivated by holding a expression at the ceiling, as it is one of a sort.

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