Without Health Person Cannot Enjoy His or Her Life

Baba Ramdev Health is wealth. We all want to live healthy long life, but most of us don’t know how? Baba Ramdev who also known as swami Ramdev open his yoga secrets to the world and saw the way how to make balance in life between all circumstances. His popularity is rising because his personal interest to teach yoga and make difference in people life and society. A large number of people attended his camps, ashram, TV show and video. He is founder of Trust which name is “Divya yoga Mandir”, also the purpose of the ‘mandir’ to popularize yoga and develop Ayurveda.

Ramdev was born in northern India in 1965 close to state of Haryana. He attended school till the eighth grade in shahjadpur then joined gurukul (school) in Khanpur village to study Sanskrit and yoga. In between he gave free training to village people around the Haryana. He spends many years to study ancient Indian scriptures and practiced self discipline and meditation. His other foundation Patanjali yogpeeth trust well known for treatment and research in yoga and Ayurveda located in Hardwar. Baba Ramdev achieve award from KIIT University for his humble services and dedication for community.

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His most powerful claim of curing AIDS by using yoga. However, He responded that it just gives relief from pain not a cure it. But he proved it that by using yoga liver, prostate, gland, brain, breathing could be better chance to work longer and healthier. Babas’ short time berthing fast technic become popular nationwide. When I was fourteen years old, he came to visit our home town to develop his idea in peoples mind. Today there are millions of people around the world who follow his path to develop better life by using yoga. Even I don’t have time; I practice yoga once a week.

It is so relaxing activity and person become fresh and reenergized. I had birthing problems when I became so stressful but after doing yoga it become much well than before. His video tutorial is most common and easy way to learn yoga. Even today he performs live TV show in early morning and many people can perform it by watching his show at home. Most of the people have problems after age of fifty like back pains, high blood pressure, diabetes. That’s why he developed Ayurveda medication which helps poor people. Finally, Baba Ramdev gave a great gift to community by teaching yoga and Ayurveda medication.

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