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The social welfare response to HIV/AIDS



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The first official case of AIDS in Britain was recorded in 1983 but nurses said they were caring for unofficial cases before. Similar to America early reports were confined to the homosexual population. When looking at initial attitudes to the disease if we look at the statement provided by Day and Klein the confused nature…

The Mechanism Of Actions Of Nsaids Biology



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NSAIDs work by cut downing redness. They block a critical enzyme of redness called Cox, which converts arachidonic acid to prostaglandins and leukotrienes, which causes local redness. HHHHHence by suppressing COX, NSAIDs cut down redness. On the other manus there are many side effects to NSAIDs runing from GI jobs to rare 1s such as…

AidsCause and Effect


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In 1981, a new fatal, infectious disease was diagnosed–AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome). It began in major cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco. People, mostly homosexual men and intravenous drug users, were dying from very rare lung infections or from a cancer known as Kaposi’s sarcoma. They have not seen people…

How the Government May Have Created AIDS



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The following is a complete verbatim transcription from a recent broadcast of”Network 23″, a program shown on a local Los Angeles Public Access CableChannel. FULL TRANSCRIPTION FROM NETWORK 23: Good evening, I’m Michel Kassett. This is Network 23. A couple ofweeks ago we had a program on the subject of AIDS, addressing the questionof whether…

Persuasive Speech, Prevention of AIDS


Persuasive Speech

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Maybe you haven’t had the chance, but have you ever saved someone’s life? If so, you comprehend the immense satisfaction and happiness that accompanies it. Even if you’ve only aided someone with a minor task, you understand that sentiment. You are aware of the joy that comes with helping others. One method to create an…

Mediums for Visual Aids


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There are many different types of visual aids such as graphs, photos, maps, charts, videos, documents, and overhead transparencies. These are just a few to mention. Most, if not all, visual aids used in the court room need mediums (or tools) for demonstration purposes. Some people like to use the old fashioned mediums of flip…

The Physical and Psychological Effects of AIDS



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The reality of AIDS has insinuated itself into everyday life and language over the past decade. Though looked at as a foreigner, AIDS is in our entire society; employment, homes, and our intimate relationships. People with the AIDS virus feel trapped and have a desire to break away from the bondage that this horrible disease…

AIDS Cure Found!


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December 2024 – It was one of the best Holiday gifts the world has ever had. At Christmas eve of 2024, a group of scientists has announced that they have found a cure for AIDS. After many decades of studying the spread of HIV in many parts of the world, including parts of Africa and…

Working With Dementia: Flash Cards and Other Visual Aids


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It is important to be clear and concise at all times when working in dementia care. Body language Posture and gestures are a very important part of communication. For example it is important to maintain an open posture and avoid sudden movements when attempting to De-escalate a situation in which an individual is exhibiting verbally…

What Caused the AIDS Pandemic?


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As the world becomes increasingly overburdened with the AIDS scourge that continues to advance with unmatched tenacity, we can attempt, in serenity and knowledge gathered in its history, to chart the causative factors before it achieved its epidemic status. The historical narrative is to some extent factual and positivist and also rich in causal explanations…

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How can we prevent AIDS?
You can use strategies such as abstinence (not having sex), never sharing needles, and using condoms the right way every time you have sex. You may also be able to take advantage of HIV prevention medicines such as pre-exposure prophylaxispre-exposure prophylaxisThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends PrEP as an HIV prevention strategy. Taking PrEP medication as prescribed reduces the risk of getting HIV via sexual contact by about 99% and reduces the risk of getting HIV by at least 74% among persons who inject drugs. › hiv › prevent › prepPre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) | Prevent | Effective Interventions - CDC (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxispost-exposure prophylaxisPEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) means taking medicine to prevent HIV after a possible exposure. PEP should be used only in emergency situations and must be started within 72 hours after a recent possible exposure to HIV. › hiv › basics › pepPEP | HIV Basics | HIV/AIDS | CDC (PEP). Read More:
What AIDS explain?
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a chronic, potentially life-threatening condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIVhuman immunodeficiency virus (HIVThe human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) are two species of Lentivirus (a subgroup of retrovirus) that infect humans. Over time, they cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), a condition in which progressive failure of the immune system allows life-threatening opportunistic infections and cancers to thrive. › HIVHIV ). By damaging your immune system, HIV interferes with your body's ability to fight infection and disease. Read More:
What are 3 facts about AIDS?
For young people who start treatment for HIV early in their diagnosis, life expectancy is near-normal at 78 years. The first few cases of AIDS in the US occurred in 1981. Since then, more than 700,000 people have died of AIDS-related illness. About 1.1 million people in the US are living with HIV today. Read More:

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