Questions for Discussion About Diwan Company

Questions for Discussion
Q1. Give examples of needs, wants and demands that Diwan’s customers demonstrate , differentiating each of these three concepts. Answer :
Needs: state of felts deprivation , they include basic physical needs, social needs and individual needs. Ex. Diwan’s customer needs are to improve themselves and to be fulfilled and satisfied culturally and intellectually. Wants: Form that needs take as they are shaped by culture and individual personality Ex. Diwan’s customer wants to have a wider selection of books. they were Hungary for up to date books. and the only way to obtain those kind of books were either travelling or waiting for the annual international book fair. this way was relatively more expensive though. Demands: Wants backed by buying power

Ex. They demanded a book store that can offer a wider selection of books that weren’t possible to reach in Egypt. Q2. In detail, describe all facets of Diwan’s product offering Services offered by Diwan include, first, an extensive selection of books in Arabic, English , French and German in many different categories. Secondly, a multimedia section offers audio books ,DVDs , educational CD-ROMs, music CDs , and PC games for both children and adults. in addition, Diwan offers more than just new multimedia releases; it also offers classics which aren’t easily found in the Egyptian market. Also, Diwan has a stationary section in every branch that offers products from local and international suppliers, artistic calendars, bookmarks, and notebooks. Last but not least , Diwan offers variety of other services such as book binding , children’s activities , corporate gifts and services, gift wrapping, services for schools (including field trips, supplying books for school libraries),event hosting and used book exchanges.

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Q3. Which of the five marketing management concepts best describes Diwan There are five alternative concepts under which organizations design and carry out their marketing strategy, these concepts are: a) Production concept

b) Product concept
c) Selling concept
d) Marketing concept
e) Societal marketing concept
Among these five marketing concepts, the approach concept which describes Diwan closest to the marketing concept. The core of this concept is to find the right product for the customer rather than the right customers for a product. The core strategy of Diwan starts with a well-defined market, focuses on customer needs , and integrates all the marketing activities that affect customer. In turn, it yields profits by creating lasting relationship with the right customer based on customer value and satisfaction. This way it represents the ultimate in the marketing concept. Q4. Discuss in detail the value that Diwan creates for its customer Diwan’s management culture is based on the passion that drives people to do what they do best while enjoying it. The values that have been setup from the beginning and which have been played a gigantic role in the success that is witnessed today , such as passion, transparency , and sensitivity to the needs of the community. These values also emphasize teamwork instead of hierarchy. Trust , recognition, social responsibility , and innovation are also essential elements. Diwan’s priority is the customer satisfaction, with its welcoming , warm and comforting atmosphere as well as its various services that seek customers’ fulfillment. Moreover, Diwan is constantly and relentlessly striving for innovation and the creation and implementation of new ideas that will further transform the concept of the traditional around the corner bookstore into a cultural center where intellectuals get together to improve the cultural status of the country and region. consequently Diwan, has developed its own website in which it offer several features, such as discussion forums and book clubs, as well as insightful and inspirational daily entries on history , culture and arts.

Q5: Is Diwan likely to be successful in continuing to build customer relationships? why or why not? Yes, Diwan’s priority as always has been customer service and satisfaction , which was one the reasons why services such as delivery and loyalty cards were established. The main objective
is to empower their teams in order to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. in addition, Diwan has partnered with several strategic partners who are equally passionate about the revolutionary transformation of the book culture in the Egyptian society. these partners include publishers, writers, local non-governmental organizations , and cultural centers. these partners not only aid Diwan in bringing books into the mainstream, they also diversify the services that Diwan has to offer as well as increase its target marketing.

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