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Answers to Discussion Questions

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Answers to Discussion Questions

Case 1. Coping Strategies

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Answers to Discussion Questions
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1)      What is effective about these strategies for coping with stress, and why did they work?

The general focus of the strategies mentioned in the case is reflection and affirmative reaction. The strategies enabled the individual to review his past actions, seek redemption from past errors, and reflect on the necessity for personal change. Individual recognition of past errors helps an individual to make necessary amends; amends which are intended to foster individual self-growth. Here, self-growth simply refers to a mature state of psychological development; the state in which the individual attaches moral values to his/her actions.

2)      What troubles, challenges, or stressors do you face right now to which these prescriptions might apply?

As of the present, I am experiencing an utmost desire to become a successful academician in the future. This dream greatly affects my day to day activities. I am overtly conscious of my performance in class, at home, and even at sports.

This conscious desire, in contrast to my expectations, has greatly hampered my overall performance in almost all aspects of my daily life. Perhaps, I overextended myself. It may be helpful for me to reflect on my past actions, and if possible, to make necessary personal amendments.

3)      Are these prescriptions effective coping strategies or merely escapes?

These prescriptions are effective coping strategies if the individual undergoing personal treatment realizes its significance. Note that the prescriptions are personal directive; that is, its success depends on the individual experiencing the treatment. An individual who fails to perceive the significance of the treatment will not be able to cope effectively with stress.

4)      What other prescriptions could the author take besides the four mentioned here?

Based on my experiences, I find these prescriptions effective: 1) set up a free day for reflecting individual problems, 2) reading inspirations (and even spiritual) materials – from my point of view, reading this type of material do reduce personal burden, 3) setting appointments with a psychologists – this is not to say that I have psychological imbalance, just to examine my problems based on the perspective of a professional, and 4) putting myself in the shoes of others – perhaps this enables me to understand my own feelings by referring to the situation of other people.

Case 2. Communication

1)      What principles of supportive communication and supportive listening are violated in this case?

Two principles are violated in this case: causal evaluation and subordinate reaction consistency. Ron does not attempt to examine the true causes of the plant’s problems. Mike does not give credence to Ron superior position in the company. Mike’s tone should be a subordinate one, not a presumed colleague of Ron.

2)      If you were to change this interaction to make it more productive, what would you change?

Well, it is possible for Ron to be indirect in his comments, in order for Mike not to become too defensive. For example, it may be possible for Ron to say, “You look pretty good Mike; It would be better if you wear a coat and tie.” This may make Mike less defensive in his reactions.

3 Conduct a role play.

In my follow up meeting with Mike, it would necessitate giving him predicated some respectable comments on his positive outlook as manager. However, I would give him some necessary recommendations to ‘make him more commendable as manager.’ Perhaps Mike would become defensive, although at a much lesser intensity than our previous meeting.


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