Balance sheet Essay

You will require your student email surname and password to submit your assessment. An assessment coversheet must be vomited with all forms of assessment. You must paste this cover sheet into your assessment (instructions are on the cover sheet). Your submission must be in the form of one single file to be uploaded into the system. The file should be a Word Document (. Doc or . Doc). PDF files which have been created by scanning a printed copy of your assignment will not be accepted.

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Balance sheet
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Late Assessment Submission If a student feels they have a case to seek an extension for a late submission of work (medical circumstances, personal circumstances that can be documented), hey should complete the Application for Special Consideration form (for assessment with weights of 20 percent or more) and provide this to their lecturer, together with the necessary evidence prior to the date that the assessment task is due. If the extension is granted by the lecturer, the extension time granted must be adhered to.

If the student does not submit the task by the extension date, the work will be deemed as being late.

Generally only one extension application and date will be approved per assessment task. An assessment item accepted for submission after the assessment due date, and without an approved extension will be penalized. The standard penalty is the reduction of the mark allocated to the assessment item by 10% of the total mark applicable for the assessment item, for each day or part day that the item is late (a ‘day’ for this purpose is defined as any day on which the relevant campus administration is open). Assessment items submitted more than five days after the assessment due date are awarded zero marks.

Assignment Format Papers should: eave a CM (minimum) margin all around; have all pages numbered; use 1. 5 line spacing; include a footer with student number and subject name (do not include your name); have all references with proper citations; include a bibliography; be saved as a single document in . Doc, . Doc or . RTF format. Bibliographies are not included in the word count, and neither are footnotes provided the footnotes contain references only. Assignment Topic Shiny Ltd manufactures nuts and bolts which are sold to industrial users. The abbreviated accounts for 2011 and 2012 are given below.

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