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Using Bamboo for Making Houses

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Bamboo is a kind of grass that grows wildly in tropical areas like the Philippines. It contributes to economic and cultural significance of a particular region that can be used as building material and other human commodities. Bamboos are characterized for Its resiliency and grow faster than any kind of plant that could Increase In length with an average of 100 centimeters per day. Like woods, bamboos are used as building materials. Proper treatment must be done to achieve its full strength and utmost shelf-life.

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Using Bamboo for Making Houses
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In the Philippines, bamboos re traditionally made Into Nip Huts wherein the walls are made of split and woven bamboos, bamboo slats and poles may be used as Its support. In other countries, bamboos are being used In constructing Immense bridges, supplements In construction of skyscrapers and drawn Into beautiful architectural ornaments. With the advancement of technology, bamboos are now uprising from its basic uses: it cannot be just a supplement building material but now turning into the prime necessity for construction.

As architecture moves together with the progress of the world, it never sought of collecting the challenge of adapting with our changing environment. Studies are being done further to continue contributing to the body of knowledge and the class of BBS Architecture AAA had a privilege to visit a site wherein a study about bamboo housing is being done. OBJECTIVES The site lecture and visit aims to: * To introduce bamboo as housing building material. * For students to see how bamboo is being used for housing building material. * To Inform students about associations on housing and how they organize housing projects.

The class of BBS Architecture AAA had lectures and site vaults In a housing project of Verdantly Homeowners Association Incorporated In Brag. Biological, Coagulation, Albany last July 30 2013. The activities done were: 1. Introduction of the volunteers working for the said project. 2. Lectures about the project and any other things regarding housing are rendered. 3. An open forum was done wherein the students asked various things about how projects of the Association are being realized. 4. Students were able to see the prototype houses made to bamboo and made discussions on now and

why they were built. Lectures were done wherein necessary information about housing were given. The functions and works of the housing organizations were clarified. There were three prototypes of houses made of bamboo,each were distinguished among each other according to the combination of materials used, methods of construction and different architectural features. The interior of the the houses. Bamboos were used as primary material for architectural and structural features. Walls and Divisions Windows Roofing Other parts of the house using bamboo

The 3 prototypes of bamboo houses. With the activity done, it was understood that bamboo can be a used for housing. Yet, its efficiency is still being studied since the houses were made to withstand natural calamities like typhoons. The site of the housing project was found to be appropriate with the needs of the people. The people responsible for the project are truly outstanding that they were able to cooperate with each other for the project to be realized. Bamboo being used as building material is indeed an advance technology. It is sustainable and an effective innovation.

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