Bamboo as a Sustainable Material of Architecture in Australia

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Bamboo as asustainable stuffof architecture in Australia

Subject: Material and sustainable design

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Abstraction: Bamboo is a stuff that is became much more application in day-to-day life. Architecture is one of using range that is increasing used. The bamboos architecture non merely bound on the topographic points such as East-Asia, South-Asia and South-America which is besides increasing applied in USA and Europe such as Germany, Spain and Italy. However, bamboo as a sustainable stuff of architecture, thedevelopmentof bamboosarchitecturein Australia is really slow. In Australia, there are merely really less architecture that is widely applied with bamboo. Most of them merely remain in the phase of bamboos flooring, furniture and ornaments. Hence, this paper investigated bamboo as a sustainable stuff of architecture in Australia. At the first, this paper studied the advantages and disadvantages of the Bamboo and the bamboos architecture in the whole universe to analysis the feasibleness of bamboos architecture in Australia. After that, this research paper explore the history, recent state of affairs, coming development of bamboo and bamboos architecture to analysis the job that is confronting and development of hereafter.AT last, this paper has a comparing between bamboo and wood and analysis that is wood became a. obstruction of the development of bamboos architecture.


Bamboo is a stuff that has been used for different application such as cookery, cloths and vesture, agribusiness, arms, instruments, interior ornaments and edifice stuffs.Bamboo is widely used for constructing stuff in the East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia since thousand old ages ago. In 21th century, topographic point like American, Europe, start to use bamboo in architecture and application of bamboo in architecture is increasing. Although stuffs like masonry, concrete and steel are the chief building stuffs in the recent history of architecture, there is a social push for more sustainable architectural stuffs presents. Bamboo is an highly lasting stuff that has a possible to replace stuffs such as lumber and steel. However, there are a batch of factors that is impacting the application of bamboo in the architecture. This research paper studied the characteristic, advantages and disadvantages of bamboo and examined edifice that is applied bamboo in the whole universe. This paper besides explored the history, recent state of affairs and future development of bamboo in Australia and one illustration of bamboo architecture in Australia is studied. In add-on, there is a comparing between Bamboo and wood.


Advantages of Bamboo

Bamboo has a good strength and lastingness, it can be stronger than oak, even steel, it is light and flexible at the same clip and has a good H2O opposition (green physique2012 ) . Bamboo has good temblor opposition, the bamboo of edifices in Colombia still stood strong when a 6.2 temblor was happened in January 1999 ( The Permaculture Research Institute 2011 ) . Bamboo is an environmental friendly stuff. Bamboo merely needs 30 MJ/m3per N/mm2, it is less than the energy demand of concrete, steel and lumber (J. Bamboo2003) . Hardwood trees release less 35 per centums oxygen than bamboo (Bamboo Grove Home2008 ) . Therefore, bamboo can run into the demand of energy efficiency that is more of import in presents. The regeneration of bamboo merely necessitate approximately two to three old ages, so bamboo can supply a big figure of resources in a short period ( J. Bamboo2003) . Each portion of the bamboo can be made different sort of merchandises. So, there is merely has small waste (Bamboo Grove Home2008 ) . One of advantages of bamboo is it low cost when it compared with other architectural stuffs such as concrete, lumber, steel, masonry. The cost of a bamboo house is non more than 450USD in Ecuador and most of people can afford the monetary value. The bamboo industry can besides increase the employment ( J. Bamboo2003) . This is one of the chief grounds that bamboo can be successful applied in commercial all over the universe. It is easy to construct houses with bamboo because it no demand require high engineering to construct and bamboo can be maintained and replaced anytime (Bamboo Grove Home2008 ) . Furthermore, bamboo can turn in a broad scope of clime environment such as low wetlands, waterless parts, top of the mountain. Unlike other harvests, bamboo no demand agricultural chemicals to turn strongly (Bamboo Grove Home2008 ) .That is why bamboo are more natural and would non impact human wellness. After Reaping, the root of the bamboo still remain in the dirt, it could protect the dirt and supply foods for the following works (Bamboo Grove Home2008 ) .

Disadvantages of bamboo

Although bamboo has a batch of benefit, there are besides some disadvantages. The starchy inside of bamboo ever attracts to insects and it is difficult to paint the surface of the bamboo due to the natural waterproof coating (NaturalConstructing Colloquium Southwest) . In add-on, the right clip of the crop is of import so that bamboo have the best strength and minimise erode by plagues. As the harm by insects, fire, Fungis and putrefaction, bamboo besides need to hold a good intervention such as smoking fires in kilns and utilizing chemical coating to maintain bamboo in a high quality (green physique2012 ) . The process of cutting and drying the bamboo is besides of import for prevent erode. As the bamboo is easy to absorb wet, the belongingss of bamboo will cut down, hence, a covered and dry topographic point is provided for the shop of bamboo. Most of the root of bamboo does non turn directly wholly and the diameter and thickness of one bamboo is non the same ( Minke 2012 ) . Hence, it is difficult to maintain bamboo in a criterion.

Bamboo edifices in the whole universe

As bamboo solutions have a batch of advantages, it is non surprise that Asiatic and Central and South American widely integrate bamboo in their applications in day-to-day life and civilization. North American wages more attending to the application of bamboo in edifice (green physique2012 ) . After the ZERI marquee in the universe EXPO 2000 is built, more European designers and applied scientists feel Interesting to bamboo. Ten old ages subsequently, the marquees in universe EXPO show bamboo as a high-performance sustainable stuff ( Minke 2012 ) . Nowadays, more and more bamboo architecture appear in Europe and all around the universe. Two illustrations are study in the followers. The first illustration is the Vietnam Pavilion by Vo Trong Nghia in China. The edifice is over 10m tallness and the whole piece of frontage and interior constructions are built by bamboos ( Sanchez Vidiella 2011 ) . It shows that it is possible to use bamboo in a big graduated table of architecture and it is successfully used bamboo widely in a large architecture. The 2nd illustration is the Pacific Tahitian by David Sands in United Sates. It is a prefabricated house which is made by bamboo and it was assemble in Vietnam and sent it to Hawaii to construct up on site. It spent two yearss merely ( Sanchez Vidiella 2011 ) . Hence, the procedure of the green goods is non necessary in the locals. Most of the bamboo resource of Europe and America are imported from Colombia. States such as German, Italy and Spain import bamboo from Colombia, Ecuador and Indonesia. Although it need cost for transit, it is still cheaper than wood. In USA, although they have their ain plantations, it is cheaper to import bamboo from Colombia or China. ( Minke 2012 )In decision, Australia has possible to works its ain bamboo and applied in architecture widely.

History of bamboo in Australia

In Australia, bamboo is non a common stuff comparison to Asia. In Asia, bamboo is used in cookery, furniture, musical instruments, architecture, arm, artifact……bamboo has already integrated in the society and civilization of Asia. In Australia, bamboo has a bad repute, which is moving an invaded character (The RIC Good Wood Guide1998 ) . Therefore, the attitude of how people treat the bamboo and the civilization was impacting the development of bamboo. This is besides one of the grounds why the bamboo of Australia is developing easy. However, there are at least three autochthonal bamboos in Australia and one of them has been applied in the stuff of an instrument over four thousand old ages (The RIC Good Wood Guide1998 ) . Unfortunately, it did non use in edifices and used widely in day-to-day life.

Bamboo architecture in Australia

Nowadays, most of the applications of bamboo in Australia merely remain in the little scale objects such as flooring, furniture, gardening so on. There is merely less big graduated table of architecture that is made by bamboo or widely applied bamboo as a facade or construction of architecture. There is an illustration. The Bamboo Loveshack is the first bamboo’s edifice that is designed and built by Australia’s pupils in Australia. The Bamboo Loveshack is a lasting architecture which is used for community at Randwick. The Loveshack shows that bamboos have possible to be an architectural stuff that can be applied at shelter, summerhouse and houses. The Bamboo is used for Loveshack, which is come from a plantation in north-east New South Wales (Faculty of the built environment2008) . Except the doors are built with lumber, most of the portion of the edifice are made by bamboo including the portion of construction (bambooroo) . The graduated table of Loveshack is little, but it is meaningful. It shows the ability of bamboo widely applied for lasting architecture in Australia and Australia can besides supply local’s bamboo for architecture.

Roentgenecent state of affairs of bamboo in Australia

The followerss are analysis about the jobs and state of affairs that is happened today. Although bamboo has a batch of benefits, bamboo is difficult to go through the quality confidence criterions, specification criterion and ordinances of Australia’s authorities (The Archives of The Rare Fruit Council of Australia1992 ) . Hence, the place and support of the authorities is really of import and it is moving an of import character of the development of the bamboo. For illustration, even Australia supply a good environment to develop bamboo, the authorities can still barricade the development. Furthermore, although the increasing of Asiatic people in Australia rise the demands for good quality of bamboo for different demands of used, Australia still lack a complete set to bring forth mature bamboo and good quality of bamboo. The complete set including the expeditiously accomplishments of builders, the design of designer, the cognition of applied scientist, the intervention, harvest home of manufacturer (The RIC Good Wood Guide1998 ) . The craftsmen in Australia besides do non hold professional cognition and accomplishments for doing furniture and interior ornaments (The Archives of The Rare Fruit Council of Australia1992 ) . That means, Australia besides need to develop people and better their cognition to manage the hereafter development of bamboo or else the state of affairs will be the same as today. Although there are large countries of land is suited to works bamboo, Australia still imports different bamboo merchandises (The Archives of The Rare Fruit Council of Australia1992 ) . That besides means that Australia has possible to supply its ain bamboo resource for architecture. Nowadays, Golden bamboo, Painted bamboo and Balcooa are three sorts of bamboos that are planted in Australia. The balcooa could be used in edifice and it is better than the other two (The RIC Good Wood Guide1998 ) . This is a illustration which is demoing the feasibleness of seting bamboo in Australia.

Future development of Bamboo in Australia

In the hereafter, development of bamboo in Australia is optimistic. As the native lumber environment become worse and cut down, the demands of bamboo will increase in Australia due to the benefits of bamboo, particularly the advantage to the environment (The RIC Good Wood Guide1998 ) . It shows that bamboo has a possible to go a common stuff in Australia, it can be one of the stuff that is applied in architecture. As Different sort of bamboos as garden ornamentals are sold in Australia, the market of bamboo is increasing and there will be more and more applications of bamboo in the hereafter (The Archives of The Rare Fruit Council of Australia1992 ) . It will advance the demand of bamboo in Australia and more people will be accept and know bamboo. Hence, it besides promotes the development of bamboo of architecture in Australia. The monetary value of the bamboo furniture which is imported from South-East Asia, is expensive due to the usage and transit charge. If Australia can bring forth its ain bamboo furniture, it can salvage money. Australia perfectly has the possible and experience to bring forth its ain merchandises and design and produce the better one (The Archives of The Rare Fruit Council of Australia1992 ) . This is a good ground to develop the bamboo’s industry. Some of the organisations such as the Rainforest information Centre, the Bello Bamboo Company are advancing the applications of bamboo in day-to-day life. It is besides to organize a complete set such as the publicity of the bamboo’s civilization, the preparation of the applied scientist, craftsmen, architect so on (The RIC Good Wood Guide1998 ) . Until 2002, there are 200 hectares of bamboo plantation in Australia. However, the industry has competed with monetary value of import.

Comparison between wood and bamboo

In Australia, lumber is a common stuff that is used widely in different portion of edifice, but bamboo merely applied in a narrow field of architecture. In the followers, bamboo and wood are compared. As bamboo is a good renewable resource, it needs merely one to five old ages to be mature. Hardwood needs at least 20 twelvemonth before it can be harvested. Some of the hardwoods like oak need over 40 old ages to go mature (Bamboo Grove Home) . Trees absorb less 40 % CO2 than bamboos (green builder) . In add-on, some sorts of the bamboo are really strong and lasting. It can hold the same lastingness with ruddy oak, Strand woven bamboo can even harder than ruddy oak. ( . In each hebdomad, we lost one million estates of woods in the whole universe. If bamboo displaces portion of the hardwood, bamboo can retrieve portion of the woods that are lost. Bamboo can besides replace wood in each field including edifice stuffs. Compare with wood, bamboo can accommodate more different clime status (Bamboo Grove Home) . Hence, the market of bamboo has possible to replace lumber in the hereafter (The Archives of The Rare Fruit Council of Australia1992 ) .


To reason, bamboo as a renewable, inexpensive, strong, flexible, lastingness, light good water-resistance easy to works and construct, the applications of bamboo is increasing in the day-to-day life of the whole universe, even there has some disadvantages of bamboo, those jobs are piddling affair and easy to work out it. That is why more and more bamboo is applied in architecture in the universe. However, hindrances such as ordinances, civilization, import competition, accomplishments are the unfavourable factors that are forestalling the development of the bamboo architecture in Australia. Nevertheless, the hereafter development of bamboo’s architecture is still bright as the increasing used and benefits of bamboo.

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