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On August 5th. 1864. Rear Admiral David Farragut led the Union navy into Mobile Bay. Alabama. to confront a smaller Confederate fleet under the bid of Admiral Franklin Buchanan and neutralize three garrisons environing Mobile Bay to finish the Union encirclement of the Gulf of Mexico. The conflict would turn out pivotal in the Union triumph. every bit good as President Abraham Lincoln’s re-election three months subsequently. The Union fleet. under Farragut. used sheer power and Numberss to decimate the Confederates.

The Union fleet consisted of four ironclad proctors. two gunboats. twelve wooden war vessels. and a contingent of five-thousand foot. While the Union assault was ready two yearss earlier. Farragut insisted that the fleet hold place and delay for the USS Tecumseh. a proctor that had been held up in Pensacola. Farragut. in full cognition of the high quality of his fleet. about ordered the assault early. but the Tecumseh arrived on clip to get down the assault. In order to accomplish maximal combat effectivity. Farragut had the 12 wooden ships lashed together in braces ; this manner. if one warship’s engines were disabled. it’s spouse could easy go on its class. The proctors would organize a column to take the assault. followed by a double-column of the wooden ships on the larboard side of the proctors. off from the action. This manner. any heavy fire would be received by the to a great extent armoured ironclads. protecting the delicate wooden ships.

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On entry into the bay. it was discovered that the entryway of the bay was protected by mines. The USS Tecumseh. taking the charge. took heavy harm from the mines and sunk as a consequence of the harm. Sing this. the USS Brooklyn. leader of the wooden column. slowed its advancement. When asked by Farragut. the ship responded that gunmans ( mines ) blocked the transition. Admiral Farragut is famously quoted as reacting with the phrase “Damn the gunmans! ” Whether he really said this or non is still in inquiry. but Farragut. in a craft gamble. ordered his ships to progress through the minefield. Farragut believed that the mines had been submerged for excessively long to take any consequence on the ships. This gamble would pay off ; if the ships maintained cautiousness. they would be stuck in scope of the garrisons guns in a constriction. and most likely incur heavy amendss. but the gunmans proved to be inactive. as all ships passed through with no harm incurred from mines and began their assault on the Confederate fleet and garrisons.

The Confederate fleet was greatly outmatched in this naval struggle. Having merely three gunboats and a individual ironclad. coupled with lone fifteen-hundred work forces to adult male the garrisons. created a disadvantageous scene for the Rebels. The ironclad. the CSS Tennessee. take to prosecute the Federal fleet head-on. Under the bid of Admiral Buchanan. the Tennessee hoped to use it’s successful pounding tactics. as used in the conflict at Hampton Roads. With three proctors. the USS Manhattan. USS Winnebago. and USS Chickasaw. in its sight. the Tennessee would be hampered by its deficiency of velocity. and in fact be rammed itself alternatively of pounding enemy marks.

On the flipside. the Tennessee’s superior armour would really bounce most of the shootings it received. while somewhat weakening the armour with each hit. but the Tennessee’s guns witnessed several duds during the conflict. cut downing their efficiency. However. the barrage rendered the Tennessee’s engines. maneuvering. and guns useless. turning her into a heavily-armored heap of debris. Commander Johnson. captain of the CSS Tennessee. surrendered the vas three hours after the first shooting. Admiral Buchanan suffered a severely fractured leg from fragments of shooting hitting the ship.

Shortly after the licking of the CSS Tennessee. the Union fleet destroyed one gunboat. captured the other. and stormed Mobile’s garrisons. With fire support from Farragut’s fleet. the Union foot took the three garrisons in a affair of hours. stoping the conflict over Mobile Bay and finishing the Union encirclement of the Gulf of Mexico. Using tactics. superior Numberss. and a hazardous gamble. Admiral Farragut won the twenty-four hours for the Union and cemented his topographic point in U. S. naval history

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