Battle of the Divas

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“Kiss my Brass! I’m not retiring and you can’t make me.” Bette Midler is in the prime of her life, selling out her concerts entertaining millions with her amazing voice and witty sense of humor. For over thirty years, Bette has been in an everlasting competition with the other world wide known sarcastically blunt entertainer, Cher.

These two divas have made their way to the top by producing numerous CD’s containing hit songs that will forever be remembered, and starred in hit movies earning the title as an actor/singer, which few have been able to do. Though they are in the same line of business and have accomplished similar things, they carry their weight in two opposite manners.

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Bette is a better entertainer for her amount of success, and way of performing in a decent manner. With four Grammys, three Emmys, two Oscar nominations and a special Tony to her credit (as of 1999), the self-styled “Queen of Trash” Bette Midler is one of the more honored multi-talented performers in American showbiz. Bette constructed the larger-than-life role of ‘The Divine Miss M’ (also the title of her 1972 debut album for Atlantic Records) and built her career as a red-haired performer with the wide, lovely smile. Bette’s early 1970s act “nailed the nostalgia thing” with Andrews Sisters takeoffs 1973’s “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and 1960s girl-group numbers, as well as including blues and show tunes in its broad musical spectrum

. Midler formed her own production company, and made her first foray into producing with the successful “Beaches” (1990), an updated woman’s picture which yielded her first Number 1 hit, “The Wind Beneath My Wings”. Can anyone remember when Cher wasn’t around? She has gone from pop singer, TV and movie star, to a nobody: an infomercial queen and a laughingstock. She’s back at pop superstar, and all this occurred within approximately 15 years. Throughout it all, she survived in the public eye, something no one can take away from her.

The best way to summarize Cher is to say that she has lived the equivalent of 5 lifetimes in one. The whole “I believe Sonny spoke to me beyond the grave” incident didn’t exactly do anything to help her credibility, but Cher has never been afraid to be outspoken. She says what’s on her mind, even though she might sound incoherent at times. She has received a lot of press for doing some wild stuff, and some people might feel that the media has always underrated her acting abilities. When it comes to watching Bette perform live in concert she is so astonishing you don’t want the night to end.

Never in my life have I laughed, cheered, and clapped so much. Bette Midler has the most amazing and powerful force, and her versatility and range can target any audience. For example, she sang “The Rose”, very sweet and sentimental, and then swore at someone just for the hell of it. I liked her before the concert and now I am an absolute fanatic.

Watching Cher perform is like seeing a hippie who can’t accept her age. She is the type of woman who will do anything to stay young and “hip”. Unfortunately, Cher resembles Michael Jackson more so than a beauty queen. She should have just gracefully grown old like other 50-year-old women. Year after year, Cher has looked like an extra in a circus freak show rather than a glamorous star. At least she brought us some good laughs, though to her credit, she has been dressing really well lately.

Kiss my Brass preformed by Bette Midler was the best concert I’ve seen. Bette is the best performer by far. I’ve never seen a talent like hers, and I don’t think I will ever see another. She sang “The Wind Beneath My Wings”, “From a Distance”, and “Stay With Me” with such passion, and told the funniest jokes. She kept the entire audience entertained for about three hours, yet no one was ready to go. My only disappointment was that I was not in the front row, to see this beautiful and brilliant entertainer sing her heart out.

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