BCIS- Exam 1 (PowerPoint)

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Table of Content
When PowerPoint starts, it displays a blank presentation in ____ view.
Normal view displays slides one at a time in the ____.
Slide pane
The ____ is the first slide in a PowerPoint presentation.
title slide
There are ____ text placeholders on the Title slide.
A commonly used layout is the ____ layout.
Title and Content
To insert a new slide, you use the New Slide button in the ____ group on the HOME
A ____ item is a main item in a list.
Text is measured in ____.
____ adjusts default font sizes and line spacing to make the text fit.
To duplicate, rearrange, or delete slides, you select the slides in the Slides tab in ____ view or switch to Slide Sorter view.
Click the “Return to the previous slide” and “____ to the next slide” buttons to move from slide to slide in Slide Show view.
If you have closed a saved presentation, open it in Backstage view by using the ____ command.
To edit a presentation without changing the original, create a copy of it. To do this, use the ____ command.
Save As
A ____ is a coordinated set of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and effects.
A theme and its variants are called a theme ____.
theme family
If you don’t choose a theme, the default ____ theme is applied.
To apply a theme from a presentation stored on your computer or network, click the ____ button, and then click Browse for Themes.
Themes More
A(n) ____, like any presentation, has a theme applied, but it also contains text, graphics, and placeholders to help direct you in creating content for a presentation.
To find a template on Office.com, display the ____ or New screen in Backstage view.
You can use the Picture button in the Images group on the ____ tab to add photos to slides.
In PowerPoint terms, ____ a photo means cutting out the parts you don’t want to include.
When you save a presentation that contains photos, PowerPoint automatically compresses the photos to a resolution of ____ pixels per inch (ppi).
If photos need to be emailed or uploaded to a Web page, choose the ____ ppi compression setting.
When you choose the ____ compression setting, photos are compressed to the resolution specified on the Advanced tab in the PowerPoint Options dialog box.
Document resolution
____ handles are the small squares that appear in the corners and in the middle of the sides of the border of a selected object.
The ____ ratio is the ratio of an object’s height to its width.
. ____ notes are information you add about slide content to help you remember to bring up specific points during the presentation.
To indicate that a word might be misspelled, a ____ squiggly line appears under it.
During your presentation, you can easily display a blank black slide by pressing the ____ key(s).
____ view displays the slides so that they almost fill the screen, and a status bar appears identifying the number of the current slide and providing buttons to advance the slide show.
When you print ____, the presentation is printed with one or more slides on each piece of paper.
When you are finished working with a presentation, you can exit PowerPoint. If there is only one presentation open, you click the Close button in the ____ corner of the program window to exit the program.
The DRAWING ____ FORMAT tab appears when a drawing or a text box—including the slide’s title and content placeholders—is selected.
To insert a shape, click a shape in the Shapes ____.
Draw the ____ adjustment handle on a shape to change its proportions without changing the size of the shape.
Use the ____ Picture button to undo formatting and sizing changes you made to a picture.
Like shapes, you can rotate or ____ pictures using the Rotate handle or the Rotate button.
An installed theme can be applied by clicking on a theme in the Themes group on the ____ tab.
If you need to use a custom theme frequently, you can save a presentation file as a(n) ____ Theme file.
To draw a shape, click the Shapes button in the Illustrations group on the _____ tab, click a shape in the gallery, and then click and drag to draw the shape in the size you want.
A ____ is shading in which one color blends into another or varies from one shade to another.
To flip an object, you use the Flip commands on the Rotate button menu in the ____ group on the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab.
To insert a table, in a content placeholder, click the INSERT tab on the ribbon, click the Table button in the ____ group, and then click Insert Table.
When you use the Borders button arrow, the borders will be the style, weight, and color specified by the Pen Style, Pen Weight, and Pen Color buttons in the ____ Borders group.
Use the Animation ____ to copy the animation, effects, and duration applied to one object to another object.
If you animate a list, the default is for the first-level items to appear ____.
one at a time
Sequence options appear on the Effect Options menu in addition to the ____ options when an animation is applied to a text box.
The Add or Remove Columns button in the Paragraph group on the ____ tab allows you to create multiple columns in a text box.
The most commonly used video formats are the MPEG-____ format, the Windows Media Audio/Video format, and the Audio Visual Interleave format.
After you insert a video, you can modify it by changing ____ options, changing the length of time the video plays, and applying formats and styles to the video.
To insert video stored on your computer or network, click the Insert Video button in a content placeholder, and then in the Insert Video window next to “____,” click Browse to open the Insert Video dialog box.
From a file
The start timing setting is on the VIDEO TOOLS PLAYBACK ____.
The Media ____ category appears only when a media object—either video or audio—is selected on a slide.
If you see a black square when you insert a video, you can override this by setting a ____ frame.
If a video is too long, or if there are parts you don’t want to show during the slide show, you can ____ it.
When you choose the ____ compression level for videos the file will be compressed slightly and will maintain the quality of the videos.
presentation quality
When you choose the ____ compression level for videos the file will be compressed as small as possible.
low quality
When you choose the ____ compression level for videos the file will be compressed to a quality suitable for streaming over the Internet.
To compress the videos in a presentation, click the Compress ____ button.
The Info screen in Backstage view contains a(n) ____ Media button as well as the Compress Media button.
Usually the date and slide number do not need to appear on the ____.
title slide
Clicking either the Date & Time button or the ____ button opens the Header & Footer dialog box.
In common usage, a(n) ____ is any text that appears at the bottom of every page in a document or every slide in a presentation.

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