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Exam Stress of Students

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Rahul, a class XII student, is under pressure. His neighbour, Ankit, scored 91 per cent in the Class XII exams a year ago and Rahul’s parents expect him to perform a lot better. this might not be the case for only him. but for many more students. The term ‘exam stress’ can be broadly defined as a feeling of anxiety over one’s performance in the exams, the results and reaction of parents and friends; all weigh upon students to create exam stress.

parents can’t understand plight of the students during exams they have to study a lot, and instead of supporting them they stress on them for whatever they have still done.

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Exam Stress of Students
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Have you ever seen a stress-free college student? I haven’t, unless you count the freshmen who mess up the first half of the semester, say “screw it” to the rest and never attend class again. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. Stress is a huge part of the college experience, and it’s something we all have to deal with in life.

We don’t, however, have to let it get the best of us. This may come as a shock, but stress DOES NOT have to take over your life, no matter how many finals you have. You can still do well on your tests without wanting to die for an entire week.

The study says such students – many of whom are taking the crucial Class 10 and 12 board examinations these days – believe they will be called failures if they don’t score above 80 percent. If you’re in college, you’re guaranteed to have tests. Unfortunately many students don’t handle the stress of taking exams well. Here are some coping strategies you can use if you feel stressed out about taking exams at college. Despite what some people might think, all stress isn’t bad. How you cope with stress is a different story.

If you’re able to take the exam stress you feel and force yourself to act in a positive way, such as studying effectively, stress can be good. Not coping well with exam stress, however, can make attending college difficult. Before you can learn to cope with stress, it’s important to identify it. Are you stressed because you didn’t study properly and you’re concerned you may fail? Or have you always experienced stress about taking exams? If your problem is that you didn’t study enough, you can do something about that. The next time you know an exam is coming up, set aside extra time to study for it.

If you’ve always been stressed about taking exams, you may need to seek help from your guidance counselor or a qualified professional. Learn how to say ‘no’ when necessary. If you know you have an exam coming up and your friend asks you to go out, tell them ‘no. ’ Choosing to attend school means you’ll have exams; you’ll want to consider which is most important to you – going out or working extra hours – or doing well in school. If you chose the latter, you know buckling down and studying will get you the results you want. Students can also cope with exam stress by taking charge.

Rather than allowing stress to control you, you’ll want to control it. You can make the necessary changes to take charge. Look at your class schedule. Have you signed up for too many classes and therefore don’t have adequate time to devote to each one? Perhaps you could drop your most difficult class. Do you have to work along with going to school? Many college students do. Depending upon your job you may be able to get your schedule rearranged temporarily when you have tests. Businesses in college towns may be more lenient toward giving time off but you’ll want to discuss that with your employer.

Try not to let the expectations of others cause you to feel stressed. You may be the first person in your family to attend college and you feel that your family’s pride is riding squarely on your shoulders. Remember, you can only do what you can do. You can prepare by studying and take your time during the test. If you’re prepared, chances are you’ll do well. Try to relax prior to the exam. Deliberately take a deep breath and breathe out slowly rather than breathing in quick, shallow breaths. Close your eyes and visualize being handed your exam score and receiving a good score.

Getting some form of exercise prior to a test can also help reduce the exam stress you feel. Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before the exam. It is possible for some people to do well on little sleep but it’s not the best choice. Read the question carefully before trying to answer it. If you’re still unsure about it, ask the teacher to clarify. Many students have exam stress. For some the stress is so bad they drop out of school. If you can learn to cope with exam stress and master it, you can do well and even excel.

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