Beautiful Legs by Post

Post Use the Timmons opportunity/people/resources framework from B to evaluate this new venture. Would you invest in this venture? Why/why not? Yes, I would like to invest in this venture due the following reason The analysis from Market research indicates clearly that there is a customer segment who wants to buy through mail-order, so business opportunity exists. People like Dicken Addis, Director of Finance and Elizabeth Preis, Director of Marketing are worth enough to be invested.

They have valuable experience in their respective fields and also business plan shows that they understood the product. Competitive advantage being the 1st one in mail-order Break-even analysis and cash flows are convincing Risk factor associated is minimal from What are the purposes of this business plan ? Does it fulfill theses purposes? What would Sahlman (How to Write a Great Business Plan) think of it? Sahlman might think that this business plan is straightforward with less padding effect.

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The plan elaborated on The People, The opportunity and Risk&Reward but failed to provide evidence on The Context by missing details like inflation, demographic trends, interest rates and drivers of venture’s success or failure. But outlined break-even issues and positive cash flows. Can you recommend any improvements to the business plan? The business plan didn’t emphasize on online business advantage, so I will recommend a few of the advantages being an ecommerc product. Pros: “Just-in-tine” procurement system multiply inventory turns and reduced working capital Unlimited possibilities for automation of online business.

You can automate your order and payment processes, inventory management, and customer support tasks. Cons: Cost of IT infrastructure and security might become important when the business begins to grow. High entrance costs in order to establish credibility (risk of fraud perceived by customer). In other words, difficult to acquire customers and create brand. Collaboration: Global expansion for Business Partners through Online Collaboration and Networking, Amazon is an best example in collaboration by leveraging online business model.

Direct Cost Savings: Savings in expenditure other than labor print, paper, telephone, travel costs, etc. – that can be directly attributed to the introduction of online collaboration. Labor and Productivity Savings: Savings in the amount of time required to carry out tasks as a result of introducing online collaboration. Are the founders realistic about fund raising? Yes, founders team indeed believed in fund raising in time as this venture is going to be a ‘first –mover’ and also 85% of 33% of’ hit rate’ response rate are willing to buy tights through mail-order.

What will happen if they fail to raise 110,000 pounds in the next 30 days? Market research data bolsters the effort to raise 110,000 in next 30 days. In case if the team cann’t raise the targetted amount then just focus on business with seed money simultaneously search for startup financing. Investors like to invest in working businesses, which means you need to work on the business, not spend the next 6 months raising money. Adopt a “get-a-little, do-a-little” mode of behavior but keep building value.

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