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Daddy-Long-Legs (p.13 – 36)

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To recall from where we left off last time, here are some of the interesting facts about the story.

Jerusha Abbott- the oldest orphan (p. 1)- seventeen years-old (p. 3)- not only a student but also a helper in the orphanage. (p.

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Daddy-Long-Legs (p.13 – 36)
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6)- wrote an essay titled, “the Blue Wednesday” (p. 7)- needs to write a letter of acknowledgement to Mr. John Smith once a month (p. 8)Asylum / Orphanage House- 97 orphans (p.

1)- Mrs. Lippett is the matron of the asylum- The name of the asylum is “John Grier Home” (p.

9)Mr. John Smith (Daddy Long-Legs)- Visits the asylum on the first Wednesday of every month (p.

1)- Affluential trustee of the asylum (p. 5)- Plans to educate Jerusha at college for young ladies with the hope that she may become a writer (p. 8)- Might write to Jerusha if she gets expelled from college. (p.

9)New AdventureI gave you a question yesterday asking you to find out the new things that Jerusha encountered after she left the asylum.

What have you got?Q: Why did college life so strange to Jerusha? What new things did she discover?After she left the asylum, what was the first new thing that she discovered?A train. (p. 13: “.

.. I travelled yesterday for four hours in a train. .

.. I never rode in one before.)Then, she came to the college.

What was her first impression about the college?- The biggest- Most bewildering placeBefore Jerusha left the asylum, she had a serious talk with Mrs. Lippett. What did Mrs. Lippett tell her?- How to behave all the rest of her life- How to behave toward Mr.

John Smith (to be respectful)Hitching-Post, Dear Clothes-Pole: examples of meaningless names to Jerusha.Q: In her letter, she mentioned about a “very comfortable sensation”. Why did she have this feeling?- Mr. Smith gave her a sort of family.

– She felt as though she belonged to somebody now.Q: How much does Jerusha know about Mr. Smith? What are the three things that she uses to describe Mr. Smith?(i) Tall(ii) Rich(iii) Hate girlsQ: Why did Jersuha choose to call Mr.

Smith, “Mr. Daddy-Long-Legs”, not “Mr. Girl-Hater” or “Mr. Rich-Man”?- It was because among the three things that she described about Mr.

Smith, Jerusha believed only tallness would remain in Mr. Smith’s life forever.Q: How many people were living with Jerusha on the same floor? What are their names?- Three other girls on the same floor.- Sallie McBride and Julia Rutledge Pendleton (freshmen)- One senior (wears spectacles)NameCharacteristicsReferenceSallie McBride- red hair- turn-up nosep.

16Julia R. Pendleton- come from first families in New Yorkp. 16She considered herself different from her floor-mates:- properly brought up vs. foundlingQ: Why did Jerusha think she could make the college basketball team?- Little- Terribly quick- Wiry- ToughQ: What is the colour of Jerusha’s room?- Brown and yellow (p.

18)Comparison between Sallie McBride and Jerusha AbbottDifferencesSallie McBrideJulia PendletonJerusha AbbottFamily background- Properly brought up (p. 16)- Properly brought up- Foundling (p. 16)Feelings- Homesick (p. 17)- N/A- No homesickness (p.

17)Impression / Personality- The most entertaining person- Funny- Amiable- Bored at everything- Enemies to Jerusha- Sunny soulQ: What thing did Jerusha learn in English? Which two areas in her English improving?- Jerusha studied exposition in English. Her style improves every day in clearness and brevity.Q: What is Physiology?- The scientific study of the normal functions of living things.- The way in which a particular living thing functions.

(p. 19)Comparison between Life in the Asylum and that in CollegeLife in the asylumLife in collegeReferenceVery obedient, follow rulesMore freedom and flexibility”…

what precision I obey rules – due to my training in the John’s Grier Home” (p. 15)Live in a ward with twenty roommatesLive in a single room”…

After you’ve lived in a ward for 18 years with twenty roommates, it is restful to be alone.” (p. 16)Girls are distressed.Girls are happy.

“… These are the happiest girls I ever saw”Girls have no exposure to English Literature.

Girls seemed to know about these things. (e.g. Michaelangelo, Maurice Maeterlinck)”.

.. trouble with college is that you’re expected to know such a lot of things you’ve never learned” (p.17)She has no or very little money to spend.

She has more money to spend.”…

to shop and pay with a real five-dollar bill and get some change – when you’ve never had more than a nickel in your life” (p.17)

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