Corella Is a Bird of the Cockatoo Family Comparison

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Cockatiels are a type of bird that belong to the parrot family and are similar to cockatoos in physical traits like having a crest on their head. They communicate their emotions through body language, such as raising or lowering their crest, fluffing up their feathers, or making sounds. Cockatiels are emotional birds that can become dependent on their owners for attention and can suffer from emotional depression if they are not given enough attention. They have a lifespan of almost 22 years and are smaller in size than cockatoos, which have a lifespan of around 40 years and are more intelligent and capable of speaking. Overall, cockatiels are interesting pets that require attention and care to thrive.

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Cockatiels are apart of the parrot family descendants of the Cockatoo. Theses two types of birds share some physical traits. The biggest similarity is they both have a crest. The crest is the point of the top of the skull where the bird can raise and lower feathers on the top of its head. The birds will lower and raise the crest to show what it is feeling. If the crest is completely raised the bird has been startled and is and high alert. If the crest is only slightly raised the bird is either relaxed or content with life at the moment.

If the crest is completely flattened against the skull the bird is feeling threatened. This is a clear sign that the bird is giving you a warning that it is scared and angry. The only other characteristics shared by the cockatiel and cockatoo are the bright yellow that can be on the sulfuric crested cockatoo and almost all types of cockatiels. The yellow on both birds are on its crest and its wings. Differences between these two birds are the most obvious one is the size the average cockatiel is 12 to 14 inches.

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While the average cockatoo is 14 to 20 inches in length at as an adult. The lifespan of these birds are different as well. The cockatiels live for almost 22 years while the cockatoo lives for about 40 years. Other differences are that cockatoos are birds that are much more intelligent and can speak over 20 words and phrases. Some behavior of the cockatiel will show is dependence. The bird will show this by screeching very loudly and continuously until you will finally come to the bird and show it attention.

Birds especially cockatiels are very emotional birds. They are a flock bird so if you have no other cockatiels it will become attached to the person that. Once the bird is attached the bird will become dependent on that person to show them emotion and attention everyday. The minimum of attention you should display to a bird is one hour daily. If this is not done the bird will become emotionally depressed and in some cases destroy its own feathers. Cockatiels can often display their emotions verbally and through body language.

Clear sigs of this is when you walk in the room and the bird fluffs up its feathers and stretches out its wing. This is body language the bird is using to say it is excited to see you and is saying hello. Showing off feathers is a clear sing the bird is trying to get your attention. Other body language is when you talk to your bird and it walks away from you this shows the bird is ignoring you and is upset at you for some reason. Things you can do to counter this is give the bird treats or a new toy. Last clear body language is when you say some thing and your bird will make sounds back.

This means your bird is enjoying your presence. If your bird is angry it will ignore you like I said or if you try to pick it up it will put its head almost to the ground and squawk. These are only a few examples of the differences and traits of the cockatiel. I told about all the signs the bird will give you displaying through body language. Birds are an interesting animal and have many emotions more that people think but I still feel birds are very misunderstood pets and people don’t understand how good of pets they are.

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