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Being Compelled to Use Makeup

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All over the world, women from different backgrounds use makeup extensively. The cosmetic industry has experienced significant growth during the recent decades following the increased usage of makeup among women. For instances, women working in certain companies including airlines have found themselves being compelled to use makeup as a prerequisite for their employment. Conversely, the idea of using makeup has received a lot of criticism from other people, with many claiming that it is an exercise in vanity and a way for women to address their insecurities.

Women should, however, be allowed to use makeup without any reservations as doing so does not only allow them to boost their confidence while enhancing their features, but it also enables them to express the women to express their individuality.

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Being Compelled to Use Makeup
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Makeup helps to enhance a woman’s confidence considerably. In particular, a woman who uses makeup is more likely to feel good about herself. Such an individual is also bound to receive compliments from her fellow women, as well as from men.

Many women desire to appear attractive and, therefore, it is imperative that they are allowed to use whatever is at their disposal to achieve this specific goal. Makeup makes a woman appear more attractive and thereby allows her to exude confidence. Besides, makeup allows a woman to demonstrate that she cares about her appearance and that she is willing to put an effort to make herself presentable. Such a woman is more likely to create a favorable first impression when interacting with other people. Consequently, the person would experience a higher level of confidence and demonstrate the same during her social interactions.

Additionally, it is worth noting that makeup allows a woman to express her individuality. As an individual, a woman is bound to be aware of what she would typically consider her best facial features. Using makeup provides the woman with an opportunity to enhance these features in a manner that she would find to be ideal for her. Moreover, the process of applying makeup is one that warrants a lot of skills and many women consider the same to be an art. By using makeup, a woman can demonstrate that she finds its proper to explore her creative skills in a way that also allows her to express who she is. The fact that a woman is an individual with the right to choose how she would prefer to look, as well as the reasons behind her preference for makeup. A woman should, therefore, be allowed to use makeup because she wants to and doing so allows her to express their individuality.

Hence, it is evident that women use makeup for a variety of reasons some of which are aimed at allowing them to enhance their confidence while expressing themselves. The idea of using makeup has been criticized extensively for different reasons. However, it is clear that the cosmetics allow women to create more favorable impressions when interacting with other people and in a way that makes them more confident of themselves. Furthermore, applying makeup is a skill that many women are proud of as it provides them with a chance to express their creativity. Women should, therefore, not be ashamed of using makeup as the practice has a lot of benefits that help them to ameliorate the quality of their lives.

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Being Compelled to Use Makeup. (2021, Jun 10). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/being-compelled-to-use-makeup/

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