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Two Partial Bottles of Liquid Makeup

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In America culture, beauty is highly desirable. Neutrogena’s ad plays upon this idea. Liquid base is a product used for a foundation of makeup on a woman’s face. This ad convinces people to buy Neutrogena liquid base because it will ‘improve clarity, texture, skin tone, and fine, lines’ (self’s). A woman’s face is an important part of her body and with this foundation from Neutrogena, a woman can look good and feel great.

Neutrogena’s ad is simple and straightforward.

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Two Partial Bottles of Liquid Makeup
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Two partial bottles of liquid makeup are shown on a solid white background. One whole bottle is standing up with a chart below it. Information on skin tones and texture and more is provided on the chart. This chart is a form of Pathos and Logos. Not only does it use emotion to get an audience, but it grabs the attention of vulnerable women that are insecure about themselves. When a woman is insecure about something she will do anything and everything to make herself feel better.

Logos is being used by knowing that woman want to feel good about themselves; therefor listening things that will ‘better’ their skin.

To the left of the ad is a picture of a lady, from chest up. The woman has beautiful, wrinkle free skin. Neutrogena is applied on her face with her neutral colors on her eyes and lips. The Neutrogena brand of Healthy skin liquid makeup was produced in 2001. It comes in 16 shades with spf-20 sun protection. The sun protection is a selling point for women that love outdoors because not only does it protect their face, but also makes them look good and feel great while doing so.

Neutrogena’s Magazine advertisement was taken from Self, September 2001 issue. Self’s health and beauty magazine targets inner-directed women of all ages and race who are interested in making themselves feel better about their appearances. This advertisement is showing woman that they can boost their self esteem by wearing this makeup. The solid white background indicates a clinical atmosphere. Neutrogena is not an ordinary makeup. It is studied and tested to show improvements. Liquid makeup bottles show a few different shades varying from the light to dark. Various shades are made available for women with different skin tones.

The chart displayed in the ad concludes that this product has been clinically tested. Clinical information could make one think this product was put to a test to assure skin transforming in clarity, texture, fine lines, and skin tones. Conclusions proposed after two weeks there is a slight improvement and by the eighth week there is significant change. Neutrogena did not give any factual evidence to prove these statistics.

The ad for Neutrogena claims skin clarity, making one’s face clear and flawless. Neutrogena has been tested to reduce fine line and wrinkles. This ad speaks the women looking for makeup to change their skin. Women not only look for skin reviving makeup, they are looking for natural beauty. The blending together of eye colors, shades of makeup, skin tones, and color of clothing creates this natural look. Neutrogena’s liquid base changes the condition in skin to look better. Many shades of liquid base are offered to match women’s different skin tones

The black bold print grabs readers attention. This product will make a woman look beautiful and benefit the needs of her skin. For women wanting to look like Julie Bowen, Neutrogena’s model, the colors of her makeup are listed at the bottom of the ad. She is wearing Healthy Skin liquid makeup in Golden Bisque, Neutrogena Lip color in Petal, and Full Volume Mascara in Rich Black. These colors are available for this neutral look in local stores. The ad promises ‘Flawless, lightweight coverage perfects and improves skin’ (Self). Women will do anything, so they can just feel beautiful.

The advertisement is effective because it forms consumers of the product that is being purchased. The result of this product is shown on the model. Detailed information is given on the effects of the product developed by a dermatologist. A time table gives an idea of how long it will be before your skin is transformed. After table gives an idea of how long it will be before your skin is transformed. This ad is very effective because many women use Neutrogena and thin it is the best makeup they have used.

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